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Andy Frisella Sits Down with Up-and-Coming Brand Venture Mentality



19-year-old Jacob O’Connor, the founder of the up-and-coming brand Venture Mentality, recently achieved a rare feat for his podcast – interviewing famous entrepreneur, podcast host, and author Andy Frisella at the new 1st Phorm headquarters. O’Connor’s interview with Frisella is only the second interview ever done at the new HQ and the young podcast host and rising brand owner could not be any happier.

Andy Frisella is the founder of Supplement Superstores, 1st Phorm, and many other companies. He is the author of the book 75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War With Yourself, a transformative mental toughness program that introduces holistic change by starting in the mind. Frisella is also the host behind Real AF Podcast and MFCEO Project Podcast, where he debates and laughs with his guests at the same time about topics prevalent in our society today. With all his businesses and other ventures combined, Frisella is worth about $300 million today. 

Due to Frisella’s various achievements in business, he has been featured in various influential media platforms like Forbes, Influencive, Entrepreneur, MotorAuthority, Nasdaq, BBC’s Top Gear, and Secret Entourage, to mention a few. Sharing his business skills and inspiring life experiences on the Venture Mentality Podcast is a privilege that not many get to experience. With O’Connor’s persistence and determination the past nine months, the rare opportunity finally came to pass much to the delight of the podcast’s multiple followers. 

The Venture Mentality podcast is best known for its unique line up of guests who discuss their secrets to success and best practices to inspire listeners to pursue their own dreams to put up a business. Among the 120 guests that were interviewed by O’Connor on the podcast included ESPN Anchor Jay Harris, the founder of Netflix Marc Randolph, and Sean Whalen, the founder of Lions Not Sheep apparel.

As a lifestyle brand, Venture Mentality is committed to helping people reach their goals and pursue their ambitions. Venture Mentalist especially wants to connect with people as young as 17 – a time that is believed to be critical for a lot of people who are considering how to move forward after finishing high school.

O’Connor is fresh out of high school and has already expanded into a clothing line that promotes quality and reasonably priced products. His clothing line includes shirts, hats, and hoodies that are designed for success. Through their trendy apparel, Venture Mentality wishes to empower more young people to see the potential of going into entrepreneurship. By connecting with like-minded individuals, Venture Mentality is building a community of driven and creative individuals who also have the potential to grow their ventures as he did. 

By spending more time and hard work to grow Venture Mentality, Jacob O’Connor looks forward to growing his company to become an internationally recognizable brand. With his expanding network of passionate individuals such as himself, O’Connor is bound to join the ranks of many who are world-renowned for their successes in the business industry. 

Learn more about Venture Mentality’s podcast and apparel by visiting its website.

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