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Angolina Amores Never Settled For A Normal Day To Day Lifestyle. This Mentality Helped Her Establish Her Company, The Alpha Femme



Angolina Amores

A woman advocating for women, Angolina Amores is the creator of The Alpha Femme, a company and a movement built to inspire women to create their own business empires or “fempires”.  After realizing that there is a gap in the world in female entrepreneurship, the Female Mogul is here to motivate women by educating them with the proper steps needed to build million-dollar businesses.

“The Alpha Femme is comprised of a female empowerment related e-commerce store (, a course on building million-dollar brands, and a community of ambitious women ( It’s the largest online female entrepreneur apparel store. I’m creating a trend in women aspiring to become multi-millionaires and leaders in their industries. Our best-selling shirt is actually our “Be Your Own Sugar Daddy” tee!” says Angolina.

Angolina Amores grew up with a challenging childhood where she had to move countries constantly, never had solid foundations and the friends in her life were always temporary. She was rebellious at a young age and had a very different outlook than her peers. This led to her being bullied for 4 years. However, she continued to stick to her “Go Hard or Go Home” mentality and never succumbed to a traditional path and a 9 to 5.

“Growing up I moved around a lot, so I never grew up with anyone but my immediate family. Friends were always temporary. I have lived in 8 different cities globally. I was bullied in middle school for being different. I questioned everything. I was curious and why things were the way they were. I never believed in settling for a mediocre life or having a 9-5, building someone else’s dream. I lasted 6 months in an office job. It was the most depressing time of my life. I much rather wanted to spend the 8-10 hours a day on MY dream. I wanted to build my own legacy helping and inspire others to do the same. Once I quit I started my own e-commerce businesses. In 2018 I founded The Alpha Femme for the purpose of empowering and supporting women in challenging the status quo by building their empires unapologetically.” Angolina recounts.

She is now a successful entrepreneur and started building businesses at 19! Angolina faced numerous challenges at the beginning of her journey but was able to overcome them by sticking to her ideals and learning from more successful people than her at the time. 

“The biggest challenge is knowing how to correctly market yourself in a way that really connects with your ideal customers and makes you the only solution for them vs. your competitors. I figured out how to successfully market one of my businesses, The Alpha Femme and position this brand at the top of my ideal buyers’ minds. We sell female empowerment apparel, which so many boss ladies love as it really speaks to their core. People are also now more willing and open to learning new skills on how to make money online, so I was able to pre-sell my Millionaire Brand Mastery Course.” Angolina comments.

Angolina has a piece of advice for people looking to start their own business: find people to learn from. Though she doesn’t necessarily mean you have to find a mentor, she recommends learning from others who are more successful than you. In addition, Angolina advises mastering your unique skills that can help you get ahead. She mastered the art of branding and new-age digital tools that have helped push her ahead of the curve.

“Find people to learn from so you can avoid costly mistakes and save yourself time. Network and make the effort to listen to people’s stories. Ask many questions. Stay curious. Surround yourself with smarter people than you. Find someone who has a business similar to yours, then find out what ads they’re running. You want to get a clear picture of how they run their business. Then apply those proven strategies to your business and add your own spice and innovation. Do what’s already working and do it even better.” advises Angolina.

To find out more about Angolina Amores, you can check out her Instagram @angolinaamores. You can also check out her website at and her Millionaire Brand Mastery Course here.