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Anthony Mignogna Shares Stories of Failures and Victories Through Music



Anthony Mignogna

Music has widely been regarded as a versatile medium for expressing oneself. While some artists write songs purely for self-expression and entertainment, others use it as an excellent platform to provide a voice for the silenced to be heard.

For Anthony Mignogna, otherwise known as Antidote, great power lies in the ability to use music as a way to inspire and mobilize people. Having been through the whims and caprices of the unfortunate realities of life, he hopes to spread songs of both his accolades and ignominy to imbue others through the incredible power of sound.

Originally coming from the hubbub streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Antidote and his older brother iKnowStar67 leaves traces of their placating vocal presence amid the chaos of the big city. As people consistently fueled with passion, music has become their sanctuary – an outlet for both their jollies and exasperations embodies a reflection of their souls. 

However, life in the music lane did not begin until he dissociated himself from his first love – sports. Unlike most of his fellow musicians, Antidote spent his entire childhood years maintaining an active lifestyle. He played football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and ice or roller hockey. He was at the peak of his game when he started to notice the venom that comes with winning and losing in sports. It was at this time where Antidote lost his concentration and ended up having nearly failing grades.

Corresponding to the failures he experienced in high school, he knew that pursuing college would only entail a new set of failures that would eventually drive him out of the institution. Taking a cue from this personal sentiment, he perceives an ocean of debt for him and his family soon if he pushes himself to an undesirable path. So Antidote decided to look into other interests to reshape his ensuing plans.

With a clear vision of sparking a revolution in his life, Antidote went to the streets to make money. And in this circumstance, he found himself enjoying the company and sound of his music.

Having defeated some of life’s uncertainties, Antidote wants to share his stories of trials and triumphs through musical timbres. To him, it did not matter what genre his music landed into; as long as his music perfectly depicts what he wanted to convey is enough. Antidote believes that confining music in one category would only limit him from telling the full account of his experiences. That is why, as an artist, Antidote expands his reach in different areas including rap, hip hop, trap music, R&B, pop, rock, and underground to unleash his inspiring message of victories and failures fully.

Apart from being a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, Antidote takes pleasure in sharing more of his stories on other platforms. He has recently launched a brand called “ihatepeople” and successfully garnered traction from people around the world.

By writing his stories with musical notes, he hopes to deliver an inspiring message that his listeners could relate to, especially in sailing through rough waters. He wishes to remind the people that life is more rewarding after conquering the challenges that lie ahead.

Learn more about Antidote through  Twitter and Instagram. You may also listen to his songs on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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