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Are Hidden Frame Glass Doors Secure



Installing a hidden frame glass door has many advantages, from aesthetics to convenience and low maintenance. Hidden frame doors are also secure. The design eliminates the gaps burglars exploit in standard-frame doors. Hidden frames also reduce obstructions that may cause trip and fall injuries. Here’s an overview of the security features of hidden frame glass doors:

1. Strong Glass

Hidden frame doors are made using high-quality glass that withstands daily knocks and burglary attempts. Some panels feature tempered glass, which is much stronger than regular glass. Other glass panels are laminated and granulated. The goal is to prevent the glass from breaking into dangerously sharp shards. Glass doors feature glass that breaks into small granulated cubes. The laminate material also prevents the pieces from flying everywhere.

Laminated glass is a popular choice for homeowners because of its increased resilience. The glass remains intact even after a cracking blow, making it impossible for intruders to get through it. You should look for high-quality glass with enhanced tensile strength. Premium hidden frame and frameless glass doors use secure, durable glass material.

2. No Gaps or Weak Points

Minimal-frame glass doors leave no gaps between the two glass panes and the surrounding wall. French, bifold, and hinged doors have a small gap and look beautiful but may compromise your safety. A crack in the structure makes the door an easy target for burglars and intruders who want to break in. Hidden frame doors have solid frames that are more difficult to reach through.

Intruders and burglars are always looking for weak points to exploit or damage. Using hidden frames makes their work more challenging, so your home or business will be undesirable in their evaluation. You can also combine the design with laminated glass to make it even harder for anyone to break in.

Make sure you find a reputable glass door installer specializing in frameless, minimal frame, and hidden frame door designs.

3. Secure Key Locks

Hidden frame glass doors often come with secure keyed locks and latch locks to shut the door in place as needed. The lath is a primary safety feature for the luxury glass door design, but it isn’t enough in all cases. You should consider investing in an additional locking system to add to your security. Alternative locking systems, such as a two-lock bolting system, are great additions that instantly improve home security. The locks go over the top or bottom tracks.

You shouldn’t remove the original latch lock. Having two systems is better than one. You should also retain your keyed locks as they offer primary security. Consider also using a keypad entry system or even a facial recognition feature. These modern lock systems help to keep unauthorized parties from entering or breaking into your home. They also reduce the risk of getting locked out of your home.

Engaging an expert can help you identify the best locking system to incorporate based on your needs. Professionals can also identify and eliminate security risks when installing the alternative lock system.

4. Security Add-ons

Hidden frame doors are as safe as other options because you can add security features to the design. You can install a security bar (barricade) on sliding glass doors to prevent the panes from moving. Bars can fit the top or bottom rails. Or you can incorporate red hazard led lights that light up when an intruder tries to break in.

Leading glass and mirror companies offer various security add-ons, so you can find the best solutions for each door. Extra latches, bars, alternative locks, surveillance systems, and other solutions can enhance the security of hidden frame doors.

Quality Hidden Frame Glass Doors

Installing hidden frame glass doors can enhance security on many levels. The doors are made from shatter-resistant glass and eliminate weak points that are often used during break-ins. They also offer excellent locking systems.

All you need is premium-quality glass and installation services. Stick to reputable glass and mirror companies with years of experience in the industry. Leading installers have a proven track record and satisfied clients. You need high-end boutique outfits that offer full design and collaboration for your project. Make sure you clear all concerns about security and add-ons.

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