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Aspire Score Grants Its Clients the Ability to Aspire for a Better Future



The ordinary person has little to no knowledge about credit scores and credit repair. Unfortunately, this is something that can be exploited by certain people in the lending industry. It’s such a common thing for people to be misled and mistreated when it comes to their credit, and Aspire Score aims to put a stop to all of that.

Michael Perfetti founded Aspire Score almost five years ago. After working for a collection agency in Southern California, he noticed that most of his cold calls would often be about clients facing defaulted credit cards, loans, and mortgages. He realized that people desperately needed credit repair, so he established his company in hopes of inciting a positive change in his clients.

Aspire Score offers various services to its clients, such as tradelines, personal funding, and business funding. With Perfetti at the helm, the company also focuses on providing credit repair services to its clients nationwide. They utilize and maximize each of their clients’ approvals and credits in order to unload their financial burdens.

Realistically, Aspire Score assists anyone who has ever dealt with late payments, bankruptcy charges of all chapters, and negative items appearing on credit reports. A lot of people out there have not been given the right knowledge and education to sort these things out, which is a massive failure by the banking industry in America to educate the masses.

Anyone who is dealing with a high-interest loan on a car, home, or other forms of property will greatly benefit from the services that Aspire Score offers. While most credit repair agents tend to overpromise and underdeliver when it comes to their results, they use methods that put their clients at risk with what they submit to the main credit bureaus.

Aspire Score, on the other hand, utilizes methods that are tried and tested, allowing them to deliver high-quality results faster than most typical credit repair agencies at a safe and secure level. They onboard all their clients to an encrypted software where all their personal information is stored on a banking-level security type of CRM. They work fast and deliver their clients’ results as soon as 30 days, while other credit repair companies make no mention of their delivery timeframes.

Aspire Score is also one of the only credit repair companies that offer a money-back guarantee and refunds. Though rarely used since they always manage to deliver the best results, it’s just an added layer of assurance for their clients. Perfetti expresses that the company’s mission is to remove all negative items on their clients’ credit scores.

They never turn away clients at Aspire Score, no matter how strenuous their inquiries might be. The agency lives by the phrase, “If we don’t perform, we don’t get paid.” They envision a bright future for their clients so they can live a more stress-free life and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Sometime in the near future, Michael Perfetti plans on expanding Aspire Score and doing things on a whole different level. He envisions operating a CRM system to lease to other credit repair companies, mentoring people while still repairing credit reports at the end of the day.

To know more about Aspire Score, check out their official website.

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