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Becoming a Sales and Marketing Professional



Sales and Marketing Professional
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Integrating marketing and sales to grow your business is essential.

It is therefore quite necessary for managers to know the difference between both terms so they can benefit from correctly using them. They are tools you will need when you are growing your business as they are vital to your success. Selling can start with impersonal interaction, brief meetings, networking and telephone calls that you engage in whenever you are interested in a prospective customer. Marketing is more of a program or a set of programs businesses use to change the minds or reach prospects so they will pay more attention to what the company offers. Advertising, public relations, direct mail, social media marketing, and other tactics are used. The persons that are employed to make telephone calls, meet with prospective customers and close sales are not marketing professionals. Those persons are sales professionals as they do the actual interaction with prospects, they have nothing to do with making advertisements and broadcasting them in an impersonal way.

Prospects will move from cold to hot and ready to close a deal in approximately eight contacts or more if they are not sure about what the want. They go from cold to warm to hot before there is a decision to purchase an item or close a deal. The coldest customers are the ones who hardly remember your company’s name, and they don’t know anything about what you have to offer. The warm customer knows the name of your company and knows what you are offering, but they are not ready to buy. The hot customers are the ones who were referred to your company by someone, or they have moved through your sales cycle, and they know all about your offer, and they are almost ready to buy. It is good to see the sales cycle as a clock and the hands are moving around the clock as the position your customers are in, with the coldest prospect standing at 12.

Getting people to move around the face of the clock is the job of the sales professional. Throughout the cycle phone, calls will be made, both sales and marketing ideas will be used to move the prospect from cold to hot. Successful businesses are usually the ones who have mastered the art of moving prospects through the sale cycle in a very efficient way. There are entrepreneurs who choose the tactics that they are comfortable with and that tactic might not work for them, and they might think it is not good for them to do sales when all they need is a simple change in their approach.

A shy person may rely only on impersonal marketing programs, while an outgoing person will network with prospects, they will make many contacts, and they might still fail if they don’t have the support they need to move the prospect through the sales cycle.

Sales professionals will divide their prospects into different groups, such as cold, warm and hot groups before they choose the best tactic to use for each group and use it to move prospects through the sales cycle so they can get them to the final stage, where they are ready to be a customer, and a sale is made.
Companies need persons who are willing to understand the sales cycle and use it well, with the right marketing tactics so that they can be successful.

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