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Bessie Lee-Cappell Spearheading a Game-Changing Baby Product Company



Parenthood is one of the most demanding things that any human being has to experience in a lifetime. For Bessie Lee-Cappell, a parent herself, she set out to develop baby products that make parenting easier. Her companies, Bessies Love and Care and Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company, designs and creates a wide range of baby products that many frustrated parents can benefit from. Her motivation for starting her company was borne out of her frustration from taking care of three children. In her words, “I’m a mother of three children, ages 12, 8, and 2. As such, I developed my business and its unique products because there is a lack of products in the market to help make parenthood easier! That provided the drive that I continue to operate from daily.”

Bessie Lee-Cappell is looking to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs and help parents struggling with parenthood. She believes her winning attitude is a plus to any partnership, and she can make any dream come alive. Products from the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company are made with neutral colors to appeal to both mothers and fathers. Bessie Lee-Cappell hopes that her company will be a game-changer for the baby product industry with all the revolutionary products in the company’s catalog. These products are eco-friendly, BPA-free, and FDA-approved. Bessie ensured that her products satisfy all health requirements and will make any child comfortable when in use. Some of them include The Pacifier Teether Clip, the Brush Bib, and the Elephant Suspender Clips.

Growing up, Bessie Lee-Cappell was used to winning and getting things done regardless of the difficulty around them. She finished high school first out of seven children and was also the first to graduate from college. She was also the only one to receive a professional license, which she got from Temple University as a social worker. Currently, Bessie works with the Department of Human Services in Philadelphia.

Bessie Lee-Cappell targets her company’s services to parents with children aged between 0 and 3 years old or anyone looking to get unique baby gifts. Bessie invented every product that the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company offers. She started her company to meet a need that was underserved by the products in the market. Today, Bessie Lee-Cappell has made a name for herself as not only a founder but as an inventor too.

Bessie Lee-Cappell’s goals for the next five years include becoming a global leader in the baby product industry. She also plans to get involved in awareness programs that highlight the safety and health features that every parent with little children should look out for when shopping for baby products. Bessie cares about every child’s health as well and every parent’s convenience. She does not think raising a child should be frustrating, which is why her revolutionary baby products are taking over the market.

Learn more about Bessie Lee-Cappell and her company, Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company, on the official website.

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