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Best Food in Johor Bahru Malaysia



It is a paradise for foodies! Many people flock to Penang, Malacca and Ipoh for their foodie delights, but Johor Bahru is often overlooked. This food paradise is home to some of the best Malaysian cuisines, with many recipes and eateries that have been passed down through generations.

This list contains the top foods in Johor Bahru, regardless of whether you are a local who has booked one of the best hotels in Johor for a staycation or a tourist who wants to explore the city’s rich heritage and flavor.

The Best Places To Eat Breakfast

Johor’s Best Roti Canai – Roti Canai Bukit Kagar

Roti Canai, a Malaysian staple for breakfast, is cheap, tasty, and filling. This Johor staple can be found at any Mamak restaurant. However, if you are in Johor Bukit Cagar is where you will find the best flatbread. The dough, unlike larger chain restaurants, is made fresh daily at the stall. It is then flipped and stretched to the right shape and thickness. The dough is then baked on a flat-girdle until it is golden brown. If you prefer spiciness, you can add a dollop sambal (Anchovy Chilli gravy) in the middle.

Hua Mui Kopitiam Authentic Malaysian Kopitiam breakfast

Hua Mui Kopitiam was established in 1948 and has been serving Malaysians Hainanese-style breakfasts since then. They have opened more outlets in Johor Bahru because of its popularity. The original coffee shop’s 2-storey structure is still in good condition and has been certified halal. Both Muslim and non-Muslim patrons can visit the original cafe. You can enjoy a Malaysian Kopitiam breakfast at JB. It includes charcoal-toasted bread and butter, soft-boiled eggs, and a great cup of Kopitiam coffee.

Restoran Tua Thow: Delicious Hot Bowl of Kway Teow Soup

All Malaysians love a good restaurant that sticks to its original ingredients and flavours. Restoran TuaThow has proven this to be true. Locals love to order their Kway Teow Soup from Restoran Tua. They are known for generously serving prawns and sea bass as well as pork, fish balls, fish maw, and fish ball. This broth of pork and fish bones is rich in flavor, light and naturally sweet. It does not contain any MSG. Locals have been coming back to this restaurant for this dish since years.

The Best Places To Eat Lunch

Finger Lickin Herb Roasted Duck at Restoran Ya Wang

You can’t miss this restaurant on Jalan Segget, the oldest and pioneer Johor establishment that sells herbal roast duck. It has a huge fat duck icon outside. The exterior is a bit shabby, but the interior is clean and comfortable. The succulent duck meat is a popular choice. It’s seasoned with a generous amount of herbs, which keeps it tender, flavorful and chewy. This dish is rich in herbal flavour and can be enjoyed with fluffy white rice and lotus soup.

Kam Long Restaurant: The Best Fish Head Curry

This dish is not common in western countries and you may find it a little strange with the fish head. You’ll love it if you open your mind and taste it. The fish head is the most flavorful portion of the fish and makes a great part for making a rich broth. This traditional curry dish, served in a claypot, is made with fresh red snapper fish heads and a variety spices to create the most delicious layer of curry gravy you’ll ever taste. It can be enjoyed alone or with long beans, tofu skin, ladies fingers, cabbage and steamed white rice.


The Best Places To Eat Dinner

Steaks and crab cakes at the Grill Bar

The restaurant is easily accessible from parking and serves delicious food in generous portions. The grilled chicken with salad and the rib-eye steaks are both excellent choices. Many people recommend the crab cakes and clam soup soup. The fillet steak was a delicious choice. This restaurant is a great place to have dinner with your loved one. It has a nice decor and is clean and comfortable. It isn’t the most expensive place to eat but the food is excellent and you get what your money is worth. If you love seafood, try the salmon and scallops. For a satisfying ending to your meal, try their famous lava cake.

Traditional style wanton noodles at the 24 Festive Drums Café

The place is perfect for any meal, from breakfast to dinner. People love the traditional noodles they serve. You can choose from Asian, Chinese, or Malaysian cuisines. You can eat in or take out at the restaurant. There is also free WiFi. Everyone wants to try the amazing drum at the entrance. A Saturday performance of the drums can be enjoyed at 8 pm. They have a wide selection of food, including the Signature Wantan Noodles and Poh Kee Curry Mee. A popular latte comes with Chinese art and Chinese characters. Although the portions are small, the service is fast and efficient.

Johoreans are very true to their authentic flavors, often choosing not to embrace modern reinterpretations. This is the main reason why many of their traditional cuisines are still widely cherished over the past century and are faithfully supported by generations past and future. The dishes focus on authenticity, using traditional cooking methods and fresh ingredients. Many foreign tourists come to Johor Bahru for the delicious food!

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