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What is the best guide to Choose a Business Name?



What is the best guide to Choose a Business Name

One of the most important things to think through when starting a business is choosing a business name. It is easy to come up with a name, but the challenge lies in choosing the right one.

Creating a brand name is part of your marketing strategy; it will have great impact on how your customers will perceive your business.

What is the best guide to Choose a Business Name

How can one come up with a right Brand name?

Here are some ideas that you might wish to consider.

1. Make it easy to spell and memorable.

This will help your customers find you easily when they are searching on the internet and phone directories. Difficult spelling may end up with a wrong search result, so this is a bad idea. Choose something unique but can be spelled out easily.

2. Where possible, keep it descriptive of your activities…

This will give customers an idea of what the products and services your business provides. Your name should provide a visualization of what the customers expect. It should communicate about what your business does and what makes you unique from the others. You may want to include words like “shipping” if you are a shipping company or the word “online” if you are planning to set up an online retail store.

3. Use connotations effectively…

It should give a positive impact on your customers’ expectation on how you trade. If you are a shipping company, think of a business name that connotes fast and safe delivery of goods. If you will be engaging in a food business, choose a name that connotes value for money and delicious food products.

How to Create a brand Name for your Business?

Since you will probably be creating a logo, business cards, advertisements or business signs, choose a short business name. Doing so will make your business name look good on your promotional ads. If you want to set up an online business, this will serve well as a domain name.

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Since you will also be considering the promotional side of your business, think about what color will suit your business name when creating a website or logo. Colors have strong association on your business name. The colors you choose will reflect the personality of your business.

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