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Bollards Explained: Uses of Bollard and Factors to Consider while installing them



Bollard is not a common term. Many people will not understand the meaning when you use the term bollard.

The simple definition of a bollard is that it is a small, vertical post-like structure.

If we explain it in detail then a bollard means a protective or decorative barrier that is used to guide or restrict vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Bollards are use at different places because they serve different purposes. They are seen on roadsides, storefronts, parking lots, mall entrances, construction sites, etc.

Whether we talk from one angle or other, bollards are used mostly for security and protection purposes. They provide safety for both commercial and residential sites and customers.

Uses of Bollards                               

Bollards have different uses in different locations. That is why they are available in many types to fulfill the requirements of different locations and customers. Some of the most common uses of bollards are given below.

Guidance and Protection of Vehicles

The most common use of a bollard along roadsides is that they provide security for vehicular traffic. They control and guide the traffic in busy areas with huge traffic flow.

Bollards are also use to separate the lanes for different vehicles like separating the biker’s lane from car’s lane in order to manage and control the flow of traffic.

It has been seen at many high-traffic roads that bikers mostly come into car lanes and disturb the flow of traffic.

This also becomes the cause of accidents. Therefore, the use of bollards in these areas helps to manage and control the traffic in a better way.

Guidance and Protection for Pedestrians

Bollards are also use for decorative purposes. These decorative bollards are use to guide the walkers and pedestrians about specific locations where they can enter or not.

These decorative and guiding bollards are use to guide the pedestrians that which lanes are specific for walking and which lanes are restrict to be use by the pedestrians.

Providing Security

Smash-and-grab thefts are very common in most regions of the world. In these types of bollards thefts.

The burglars enter the store with their vehicles by smashing the vehicle into the store’s front glass, grabbing the items, and running away.

This practice saves them a lot of time but it is a double loss for the store owners.

Bollards are place outside storefronts to protect the store from such thefts and provide security for the stores.

These bollards are made of heavy material to protect the storefronts against vehicle collisions and crashes.

Uses at Construction Sites

Bollards are use near and at the construction sites like road construction areas or building construction sites.

The purpose of these bollards is to warn the traffic that they should be careful as there is construction going on ahead.

They are also use to give protection against any vehicular collisions with the construction site and the workers working there.

Bollards are made of lightweight but durable material like PVC plastic to provide guidance and collision protection.

Protection of Buildings and Assets

Bollards are also place outside buildings to provide protection against unauthorize access, for example, hospitals, banks or government offices, etc.

People tend to park cars wherever they find an empty place. That is why; buildings use bollards to prevent such unauthorized parking.

They are also use inside stores to provide protection for the assets inside for example refrigeration units, crockery shelves, etc. The main objective is to alert the customers and prevent shopping cart collisions.

Used for Permanent Blockage

Some streets or roads need permanent blockage of all types of traffic. They use fixed or permanent bollards to prevent access of any type of vehicle from entering that Particular Street or road.

Factors to Consider while Bollard Installation

The bollard installation process should be performed carefully in order to get the full benefit of this product.

Frequency of Traffic

You should first know the frequency or volume of traffic coming around your building.

If your building is situate in high traffic area then you will need more bollards and strong bollards in order to protect your building against traffic and to protect against accidents.

On the other hand, if traffic flow is relatively less in your area, then you can use less number of bollards to serve the purpose.

Driving Patterns

The driving pattern or the behavior of drivers in your area is another important point to be consider while bollard installation.

If the driving pattern in your area is always like rash driving or speedy then obviously you will need more heavy and strong bollards in order to protect against collision and accidents.

However, if drivers in your area have calm driving patterns and tend to obey the traffic rules then you will not need more or heavy bollards.

Type of Roads

If roads surrounding your area have no obstructions and they are made in a way that let the drivers gain speed constantly then obviously.

You will need install heavy-weight and best security bollards with strength and sturdiness in order to protect your building against collisions and accidents.

Final Comments

Security bollards are a great product if you want security for your property or building.

Similarly, they can also be use for decorative purposes. However, you should consider the above factors before the bollard installation.