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Brad Baldwin Fitness: Trailblazing the Next Femme Fitness Trend Online During COVID-19 Quarantine



Staying healthy is a necessity nowadays, especially with the COVID-19 crisis the world is facing. In reality, fitness is a personal commodity that is readily available in the market. It can be signing up in the gym, following online classes, hiring an instructor at home, or even downloading a workout app.

Despite its saturation in the market, staying healthy is futile without proper motivation and professional coaching. Good thing Brad Baldwin of Bradbaldwinfitness is here to guide us in achieving a healthy and perfectly sculpted body. 

Brad is one of the most qualified and educated trainers in New York City. He has over ten years of personal training experience backed up by a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in exercise science and nutrition. Brad is also accredited with the NSCA’s gold standard certification for strength and conditioning coaching. Because fitness is his passion, he takes this as his impetus to win The Strongman National Championships in 2015 and 2016. 

His program is applicable to all who want to get fit. But now he specifically wants to focus on helping women over 30. By this age, women have a slower metabolism and less time to work out, and with this dilemma, losing fat and getting toned needs not just strength training. It also demands lifestyle changes. It’s not about just losing 20 pounds. It’s about losing 20 pounds of fat and maintaining or building muscle to achieve that toned look you want. 

He approaches every trainee with grounded science and his long years of professional experience. Along with his prescribed exercises are customized nutrition tips. This is changed weekly to keep things interesting for the client. Training is also customized and is constantly tracked. This approach ensures that the client continues to get stronger. On top of his scientific approach, Brad teaches sustainability in fitness and fat loss. It doesn’t matter if you lose 30 pounds quickly then eventually gain it all back six months from now. The key is consistency in keeping that 30 pounds out of your body. 

With his top-notch coaching strategies, anyone can lose weight while eating the food they like. Staying sexy does not need to be an ordeal by cutting out the foods we enjoy. His online fitness regimen promises these goals: (1) structuring each client’s workouts to get the best results, (2) increasing muscle size, and (3) burning fat in the most efficient way possible. 

Moreover, Brad believes that now is the best time to take the fitness business online. He attested to this innovation when he won the two comma award in Clickfunnels in 2019. This venture generated over seven figures in revenue for the business and helping thousands of people. Making your fitness business accessible to internet users is the best big leap to take. 

His regimen looks perfect for women who are stuck at the office working or at home. Work directly with Brad Baldwin, back-to-back National Strongman Champion, strength coach, and fitness junkie. He’s available for questions anytime through his main website.

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