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Brandon Howard Leading the Way for Quality CBD Production



Product quality continues to be a battle cry in the new and rapidly growing world of Cannabidiol. As governing bodies continue to determine ways to regulate product safety and standards, it has been up to key players in the market to set an example for up-and-coming corporations in the industry. One such individual is Brandon Howard. 

The owner of one of the fastest expanding and well-known Cannabidiol companies, Higher Life CBD Dispensary, Brandon has a lot of weight on his shoulders. But he has successfully carried the load since the beginning. Brandon started the business back in 2018 when the general public wasn’t as open today about cannabis-based products. Today, he has conquered all opposition and risen to elite levels in CBD and other adjacent industries in the health and wellness sector. 

Since states started legalizing CBD use for medical and even recreational purposes, the consuming population has noticed the many benefits that the product offers. Cannabidiol has been shown to help reduce stress, alleviate chronic pains, ease anxiety, and many more. But the clincher has always been product integrity and quality. The market has not been void of its fair share of poorly dispensed products that provide lesser potency. Accordingly, Howard and Higher Life continue to set the bar for CBD Dispensaries by setting an example. That commitment has paid off for both the company and the industry as it has risen to more significant success levels, urging other players to follow suit and prioritize product quality.

Company founder and CEO Brandon Howard is a Detroit, Michigan native who would later move to Indiana at thirteen years old. From the early days, his entrepreneurial drive and desire to enrich the people around him were unmistakable. Family and friends quickly point to his affinity to support his peers, mainly using his talents to bring value to others. Once he discovered that business was a great way to help others, he was all-in on the journey. 

For a season, Brandon worked as an Artist Manager, which helped him grow his network and improve his people and collaboration skills. He would later start a magazine publication and run print from 2014 to 2017. The year that publication would close its doors would be the same year he engaged in artist management, which he did until 2019.

Since establishing Higher Life, Brandon Howard has become a highly celebrated entrepreneur, appearing on USA Today, High Times Magazine, Fox News, Yahoo!, IMDb, Influencive, LA Weekly and many more, among many others.

Higher Life CBD Dispensary continues to be one of the most trusted cannabis providers in the market. It ranked as the fifth-best CBD flower dispensary worldwide, per the High Times’ most coveted award, The Hemp Cup. The company also holds the number 1 rank among CBD dispensaries in the Indiana region according to the Indiana Cannabis Awards.

Brandon Howard hopes that by setting an example for other hemp companies, he would encourage everyone to implement best practices that would promote safe and responsible production and use of CBD products. He is currently exploring the medical use of Cannabis to start expanding his borders and hopes to bring many other players along with him as he looks to push the global CBD market to a whole new level. 

Learn more about Brandon Howard and Higher Life CBD Dispensary by visiting their website and Brandon’s Instagram profile.

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