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Braving Uncertain Times With Alice Inoue



One of the most common fears people have is the fear of the unknown. And while it is highly reasonable, it is also unnecessary. 

This fear can be attributed to humans’ obsession over control; however, this is a problem because life is filled with things beyond our control. In fact, life is in and of itself one big uncertainty. But although uncertain times are inevitable, they are manageable with the proper amount of mindfulness and awareness. And in this aspect, companies like Happiness U come in to provide support and motivation.

Pounding the pavement with her crest of positivity and zeal, Alice Inoue inspires others to ground their lives on consistent growth and joy. And with a knack for breathing life into words and texts, she has written eight moving books about personal development. The award-winning author also graces MidWeek, Hawaii’s largest publication, with her long-running column overflowing with insights and wisdom. 

For the past twenty years, the nationally renowned life expert has brought people’s sense of purpose into fruition. And as a frontier of awareness and mindfulness, she founded Happiness U – an organization in Honolulu with the deep-rooted mission of taking companies and individuals to new heights of transformation. 

Housed in a brick-and-mortar structure, Happiness U stands firm on its foundation of optimum well-being. With Alice taking the lead, the company U has assisted over one hundred and fifty organizations, together with ten thousand people in reaching their full potential. It is fueled by its drive to see others become the best version of themselves holistically in terms of mind, body, and spirit. And with coaching and training sessions coursed through in-person or online, the company is able to bring more people to the summits of self-fulfillment. 

As a go-getter herself, Alice understands how the globally competitive world has created a culture that thrives on productivity. However, she also knows that without taking the necessary time to breathe, one is in danger of falling right into the bottomless pits of burnout. For this reason, Alice has carefully curated programs that zero in on self-care and stress management. She has also prepared a positive mindset training that aims to reduce negativity, anxiety, and fatigue. Through her courses and classes, she helps people welcome peace into their lives as well as ward off any unnecessary restlessness. 

According to Alice, nothing impresses her more than companies who are concerned about their employees’ welfare. She believes that it is refreshing and uplifting to see corporations taking their time and resources to look for ways to foster harmony within the workplace. And since these are the companies that usually hire speakers and trainers for their teams and departments, Happiness U has prepared relevant platforms just for them. 

On top of helping companies on a business level, Alice is also glad to assist them on a humanitarian level. With the crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of workers and employees are having a hard time adjusting to the so-called new normal. But through the programs and seminars provided by Happiness U, they can slowly transition themselves into a new work routine without the unnecessary stress. 

To know more about Alice Inoue and Happiness U, you may visit their website, Instagram, and Facebook page. 

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