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Bryan Ellis and The Holy Wild are Helping You Help Yourself through Inner Awakening



As hurdles in life occur day by day, finding meaning and balance out from it is now deemed as an essential goal by anyone.

For anyone on the search for wellness, The Holy Wild is the perfect avenue. The Holy Wild, a wellness platform with advocacy that is focusing on meditation to achieve self-growth and inner awakening, is led by its co-founder Bryan Ellis through the vision of Awaken, Transform, and Transcend. Its different approach to meditation enables the superhuman within by helping you help yourself.

Just like everybody else, Bryan Ellis has led his life as what it always seems to be. However, he has found some ways which helped unwind his inner self and improved the quality of his life. Bryan studied across the world and learned from respected mentors the process of breathwork, meditation, and qigong. He has the gift of enabling self-realization and human connection. As Bryan puts it, “I love demystifying the mystical and making self-growth and inner awakening accessible to everyone, including you.”

As a powerful meditation coach, Bryan Ellis is known in the wellness space. He has been hosted by Alo Yoga, Bandier, Five Sense Collective, and Modern OM. Bryan’s wellness platform, The Holy Wild, is the avenue for virtual retreats and live classes, and personal coaching. It has been featured in Mr. Porter as one of the leading wellness disruptors in Los Angeles. Bryan Ellis and the Holy Wild are making their advocacy of self-growth and inner awakening accessible to everyone. With Bryan himself as the meditation coach, he is helping you help yourself through his virtual classes and personal coaching.

The Holy Wild is for anyone who experiences stress, anxiety or overwhelmed by life in general. It is also for anyone who is challenged by traditional and dogmatic wellness and growth facilities. It customizes the needs and desires with its modern approach to meditation, an open experiment, enabling anyone to discover what works for them. As such, the Holy Wild and Bryan Ellis are called, “Hogwarts for Hollywood Hopefuls,” and “Rockstars or the Wellness Biz.”

Bryan’s drive to help people help themselves makes him an interactive, in-depth coach in achieving self-growth and inner awakening. He has two dedicated programs in the Holy Wild– custom awakening, and workshops and all-inclusive retreats, which are created to address the specific needs and preferences of anyone. In custom awakening, it is customized to fit you as it addresses the personal needs, desires, and chosen areas of growth. These are translated into a comprehensive toolbox for home practice and will help unleash the potential within the self.

As for workshops and all-inclusive retreats, the program is led by Bryan himself with some guest teachers or guides. They offer world-class meditation, breathwork, and integrative presence. Their programs also cover virtual workshops and intensive retreats to unleash the superhuman within.

Bryan Ellis’s advocacy is a necessity for growth and wellness. He believes that he exists to guide those who feel lost in the current times into a way of being that creates inner and outer space while providing a toolbox for growth.

To know more about Holy Wild and its inner awakening programs, check them out here and keep in touch by following Bryan Ellis on Instagram.

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