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Burn The Ships Has Three Programs To Help Grow Your Business Into A 9-Figure Company: Here’s How



Whether you’re a new business owner or a serial entrepreneur, you have to get in the game of

making sure your business survives, your profits grow, and you achieve financial freedom. Fortunately, Burn The Ships knows exactly what works. The founders of Burn The Ships have discovered and are passionately teaching the proven roadmap to entrepreneurial success.

Behind Burn The Ships are Matt Manero and Judge Graham. These entrepreneurs have gone a long way. Matt Manero has funded over $1 billion in transportation equipment with annual business of over $150,000,000. His company, Commercial Fleet Financing Inc. (CFF), has served more than 10,000 clients and has become one of the largest independently owned transportation finance companies in America. Judge, on the other hand, is a hard-hitting, action-oriented entrepreneur with a successful track record of growing companies and selling them for hundreds of millions of dollars. Both of them have won numerous high-profile business accolades — a clear indication that the industry recognizes the defining qualities that set them apart.

Burn The Ships understands and teaches that there are no shortcuts to success. This is in contrast to what fake business gurus on social media often claim. Because of grit and hard work, they have come to where they are now. They had to endure countless hours away from their families and painful struggles to scale revenues and profits. Along the way, they needed to figure something out to get their businesses to a level they wanted it to be and they succeeded.

From their first-hand experience, both Matt and Judge know what business owners and entrepreneurs need. They outlined the step by step process of how they built their companies and created their mission. These steps are introduced to you in just three programs: grow, profit, and win. These programs are proven to scale your revenue, profits, culture, and business value. Burn The Ships also offers three programs: a weekly live mentorship program, a unique online video curriculum, and business boot camps. Each program addresses the unique needs of business owners in various stages of their businesses.

During phase one, Burn The Ships will teach you the “language of business”. For Matt and

Judge, becoming a great business owner and leader is a learned skill that you can master. However, it takes consistent focus and a crystal clear roadmap.

Phase two is profit. Your business must generate excess profit to justify the time, energy, and

downright effort required to build a meaningful business. They will help you build out your

individual and corporate roadmap that drives maximum profits while creating a long-lasting

company culture and ecosystem.

And finally, the last phase is to win. In the end, your business must provide you with multiple options. Options of financial freedom, time, happiness, fulfilment, and — if done correctly — the potential of a big fat liquidity event or exit.

Today, more and more new business owners and even seasoned entrepreneurs positioning to sell their businesses are tapping into the undeniable force that is Burn The Ships. 

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