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Businesses are Taking Advantage of Elite Digital Advertising with Expandify Marketing Inc.



Ensuring a reputable and engaging digital footprint is key to any success nowadays. With the ongoing shift to ecommerce, online branding will make or break your company if done poorly. 

Like the elites who lavish in lucrative lifestyles, any enterprise can achieve this success too by having the right marketing strategy and team. Expect to receive top of the line business solutions from none other than Expandify Marketing Inc.

Expandify Marketing Inc. is a digital marketing agency that caters to the top 1% of the business population by providing marketing solutions to business owners, franchisors, and entrepreneurs. They are adept at leveraging social media advertising strategies to generate new and ongoing leads and sales. Expandify delivers tangible results to hundreds of satisfied clients around the world. Using imagination and media, they are aiming to bring brands and people closer together.

Part of their services is giving an all-in-one digital marketing solution to verified international businesses. Some of their advertising strategies include graphic design, motion graphics, photography, videography, copywriting, web design, and display advertising. They have so far incorporated these into four main approaches: Enterprise Marketing, Corporate Marketing, Facebook Ads Course, and Facebook Community. 

What differentiates their firm from competitors is they deliver premium services that cater to various companies all around the world. Despite this, owners and co-founders Jonathan Durante and Nicolas Buffone still make themselves available for clients. Jonathan and Nicolas focus on maintaining genuine client relationships; thus, there is no doubt that at 22 years old, they are already chosen as the Youngest Members of Forbes Agency Council.

Their team in Expandify assists companies in generating highly qualified leads using the latest digital marketing methods available on the market. With the use of these leads, partner enterprises gain new customers and create new and ongoing revenues. Their agency drives high impact results for each of its clients using a strategy of disseminating content and other lines of communication to the target market. By doing so, they bring attention to the personality or the brand and monetize that attention with information about tangible and intangible products. So far, they have brought evident results such as benchmarked by increased SEO rankings, brand awareness, and leads and sales generated.

While using this approach, they simultaneously identify target audiences for prospective customers, deliver quality content creation, and distribute these materials across various social media platforms. They do this through services, namely social media management, paid advertising, search engine optimization, content creation, website and funnel creation, and email and chatbot marketing.

Their team in Expandify Marketing works relentlessly to achieve paid results through all-day social and digital advertising media. So far, this has led them to understand each platform, and expertly utilize this to create revenues. Having experience in every category, they take advantage of this knowledge and make it available for distribution to digital advertising. The online engagement between the business and clients are assured to be established and to expand. 

Expandify is also featured in the traditional hardbound book entitled, “The Innovate Montreal” — a 350-page in-depth study with augmented reality video series. This material showcases the people, companies, products, and services that are leading the race within each city’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. So far, no other digital marketing agency has dominated the ecommerce space by contributing to a book with AR video, an online platform, and an app. Expandify has indeed established a global network in its pursuit, ensuring the best innovations to succeed by connecting and enabling developments.

Explore the company’s marketing services by visiting their website. Learn more about Expandify by following them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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