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Can Field Service Management Software Improve Customer Satisfaction?




“After-sales service is more important than assistance before sales. It is through such service that one gets permanent customers.” — Konosuke Matsushita, industrialist, and founder of Panasonic.

If your company requires you to have workers, equipment, services, and other resources on the field, then yes, investing in field service management software is the best call you can take. More importantly, delivering the highest-quality service to your customers is a must, as it directly impacts the other functions of your company. Around 72% of the administrations agree with this fact, based on research by Finance Online Business Reviews. 

4 methods field management software elevates customer satisfaction

Field service management addresses customer satisfaction on multiple levels. It is one area in which companies must excel to gain an edge over their competitors and sustain themselves in the marketplace. The following are four ways in which field service management software improves customer satisfaction:

Streamlining communication between consumers and the company

Consumers are always willing to associate with companies that provide excellent service overall. However, poor communication will make them look for better alternatives as they expect:

  • The rightly skilled person shows up when actions need to be done and questions need to be answered
  • The confidence that their products and services are in the correct hands of people equipped with the knowledge and the needed resources. 

Any field service management software helps in bridging this communication gap between parties in the following ways:

  • It supports communications and management between all teams on the field. Once orders are dispatched and resources are deployed, the software keeps supervisors, technicians, and dispatchers updated on the order status
  • It connects customers with more teams on the job. No one is bound to stay in their seat to answer queries as in their absence; many others are available to answer incoming calls. Similarly, teams and personnel can discreetly chat with each other and maintain transparency. 
  • It can be upgraded on devices like mobiles and tablets that workers use regularly. From learning how a product works to demonstrating it to the interested client, these devices can clarify things for people willing to buy or sell. 

Improving the timeliness of onsite tasks

For technicians and onsite workers, staying updated on customer data is crucial. Field service management software saves time by automatically syncing and updating the information on assigned portals. A cloud-based application gives access to the person’s details, order history, equipment documentation, and other needed data even when the field worker is in remote areas.

Since data can be updated in a matter of minutes, you can update job and order status quickly and send back a report of the same to the supervisor. Everyone in the office and the team will be aware of the latest developments on the field and won’t have to wait for separate calls and emails. The feature-rich software makes field workers productive and more attentive toward tasks and customers’ needs.

Providing more payment options

To encourage more customers to use your service, you must have one that supports multiple payment options, a need of today. Simply providing a cash or card system will not generate enough revenue as people are willing to explore non-traditional payment methods as they provide many perks and benefits. Similarly, all devices must have an invoicing system to execute and record payments, which is possible using this software. 

On a personal level, the software enables companies to provide more payment options to their consumers. A system where credit scores or monthly payments are supported will take the stress off the field workers’ backs. Digital signatures and invoice history are two key features that keep financial records error-free, something which was a challenge in manual processes. Your customers will be satisfied when they see that they are billed rightly and with valid proof. 

Creating an efficient and accurate routing system

Efficiency and accuracy are always the deciding factors for clients when choosing who to work with. Field management software makes this step straightforward in accordance with consumer demands in the following ways:

  • Swift scheduling: Field service management software collects data and analyzes it for better decision-making. Its data-backed and intelligent routing system ensures that clients are assigned to the right team or workers. In case of an emergency or unavailability, supervisors can instantly reassign dispatchers based on their locations.
  • Smart allocation of resources: Anytime a customer doesn’t get exemplary service due to inexperienced workers, they are dissatisfied with the after-sales service and eventually lose confidence in the brand. Field service management software eliminates this problem by smartly dividing job roles and scheduling based on skills, expertise, hours, and locations. The person who will do the job is meant for the job without any doubt.

With clear communication, timeliness in orders, smooth payment options, and end-to-end jobs, field management software does it all. More features are accessible as you keep upgrading the software based on the varied goals of your company. These features blend to give personalized experiences to each customer every single time.

No stone unturned in customer satisfaction

Companies are by and by realizing that field management software tackles many challenges at once, of which customer satisfaction bags the first few positions. If your business wants to follow suit, implement the software and see how it takes your brand to the pinnacle of success.