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Cannon Wealth Solutions Is Setting the Gold Standard for Financial Advice



Cannon Wealth Solutions is changing financial advice as we know it, especially for clients preparing for retirement. The company’s plethora of financial services simplify retirement planning, eliminating the complexities of how financial advice is presented to the general public.

The company utilizes a customer-friendly approach to assist its retirement-focused clients. Cannon Wealth Solutions begins by carefully identifying each client’s needs. By obtaining detailed information, the company offers expert advice in line with the customers’ objectives.

Retirees benefit from Cannon Wealth Solutions’ advisory team approach. This allows clients to receive advice from a wide range of specialists in various areas, such as wealth building, wealth preservation, and taxes.

What follows is the formulation of a financial plan tailored to the clients’ needs. Every recommendation given puts into consideration assets versus liabilities and cash inflow versus outflow. Once they implement a financial plan, Cannon Wealth Solutions reviews the performance of their recommendations. The company checks in with its clients regularly. Cannon Wealth Solutions’ delivery of financial advice and subsequent financial plans implementation highlights the difference between salespeople and fiduciaries.

Robert Cannon, the managing partner of Cannon Wealth Solutions, is the genius behind the company’s distinct wealth management and investment process. He uses his three decades’ worth of experience in the financial industry to place a key focus on creating lifetime income plans for retirement. He has worked with influential investors, businesses, and hedge funds across the United States throughout his career.

Having earned the Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF) designation, Robert Cannon makes sure the primary objective of Cannon Wealth Solutions is to always put clients’ best interest first. This obligation is, after all, the defining characteristic of fiduciaries. Retirees are guaranteed to experience the good faith, care, and loyalty of the financial professionals in Cannon Wealth Solutions.

Before establishing Cannon Wealth Solutions, Robert Cannon earned a Certificate in Financial Management from Cornell University. He has also received numerous licenses and professional designations in the industry, including the prestigious Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA) designation. Given his vast experience and qualifications, it is no surprise that Robert Cannon is considered the “quarterback” among the company’s advisory team.

In conversations with retirees, the financial professionals from Cannon Wealth Solutions use simple language and illustrate crucial points through real stories. The advisory teams’ only goal, dictated by the clients’ best interests, is to help clients understand that prioritizing their retirement protects their future.

By transforming how financial advice is presented to the public, the company effectively delivers the message that retirement can be enjoyed as the best years of one’s life. They customize their conversations based on their clients’ level of understanding. What Cannon Wealth Solutions achieves is a heightened awareness among their clients of essential financial services. As a result, retirees create their retirement shields to protect their income, sufficiently provide for their health, and prepare themselves to enjoy life in comfort and security.

Cannon Wealth Solutions is delivering financial advice and retirement plans the way only a fiduciary can. Visit the company’s website to learn more.

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