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Capturing Moments Through Photography with Sean Stanley



“A picture paints a thousand words,” as the line goes from a song popularized by Bread in 1971.

A captured image is much more than a picture. It brings back a person’s experience, memories, and other beautiful thoughts. Taking a good picture of every special moment is the only way to bring back special memories. Moreover, a picture can tell so much about a person, how a person’s life was, and what it felt right at that point in time.

More and more people are venturing into photography. One reason is that photographers enjoy special moments shared with them. The special moments like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and the like is something that a person likes to remember through a good picture. It is like a glimpse into a person’s life. And sometimes, capturing something in a picture is the only way to appreciate how amazing life can be.

Like life, a picture doesn’t always paint happy memories. Other images have histories of dark past, sad memories, and feelings. But no matter what a single picture paints, the art of capturing it requires professional skills to produce an exceptional shot.

Photography captures what’s here and now.

Sean Stanley is a professional photographer from the LA and Ventura Counties who takes top tier photography even further. His career began in 2015, focusing on surfing and some other everyday lifestyle that goes with it. Sean gained the opportunity to capture the true essence of the sport by traveling the world with some of the top professional surfers. Some of the popular subjects captured by Sean included Floyd Mayweather, Tommy Chong, Risk Rock, Dilated Peoples, Everlast, Danny Fuller, Mad Child, and many more.

When asked about Sean’s target audience, he stated: “I would say, anyone, anything, any color, any age that is looking for professional photography. Portraits, lifestyle, wedding. I’m not here to judge anyone. I have a passion for making stunning images. That’s why I accept all walks of life.” The target audience of Sean is diverse and does not limit itself to a particular niche. The goal is for the photographer to make each captured image stunning and extraordinary.

Sean’s competitive advantage over others is he began his career at an early age. Starting his passion at a young age allowed the photographer to connect with people on a deeper level. The boost of Sean’s confidence around professional athletes, music stars, and people in Hollywood made a significant impact on his success as a photographer. 

Fast forward to 2020; Sean now focuses more on people and portrait style photography. Presently, the photographer is working on a book. Sean aims to finish the project and is very excited to announce the book’s release in the coming months. Indeed, Sean has a lot of moments happening in his current life. 

Having a special moment in life is made more extraordinary when captured. To view more of Sean Stanley‘s incredible shots, check out his Instagram account. And to book an appointment, you reach him through his website.

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