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Carla Hanibal’s Journey Towards Becoming Limitless



Productivity creates this rhythm of making money, staying stimulated, and being creative. Keeping oneself in the zone can make it seem like everything is going well. However, the busier people get, the more out of tune they become, and the further they neglect their health. 

Stress can make people lose their momentum and balance. And when this happens, they must tap their brakes before they burn out. This can be done by returning to the regimen and practices that they know are rooted in clarity and good habits. Engaging in a healthy lifestyle also relieves everyone of the vulnerabilities of modern life and restores the vigor needed to thrive.

Creating a good life always starts by taking good care of the body. In fact, everything that everyone does is a reflection of their overall health, and two of the critical elements of a healthy lifestyle are regular exercise and proper nutrition. These can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. 

Carla Hannibal, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, has once fallen prey to the burnout culture. Her experience with the unhealthy lifestyle has made her an advocate of physical fitness and healthy habits. She wants to send the message that overworking oneself can only lead to exhaustion and that one cannot handle the stresses of life if they’ve burned their candles at both ends. 

Being determined to make a difference in the fitness industry, Carla sent her gears running as she thought of a product that would represent her and her mission. This was quite a challenge for her because there are already thousands of innovations out in the market. But fortunately enough, her grandmother was there to support her in all her endeavors. She constantly pushed herself and broke through any boundaries created by her fears. 

Proving that she is indeed limitless, Carla was able to come up with Tika Faya – a topical fat burner – which is formulated with the perfect blend of ingredients to help accelerate one’s progress and performance in the fitness journey. It was designed with those who never want to skip a day of workout in mind because of sore muscles and skin tightening. Aside from the topical ointment, Carla also released a body wash for gym goers who go straight to shower after their sessions. The Tika Faya stimulating body wash is infused with eucalyptus and peppermint properties that cleanse and rejuvenate the senses. 

Carla’s mission is for consumers to maintain a healthier lifestyle by incorporating these products into their fitness routines. Positive feedback and testimonies have given Carla the assurance that she has succeeded in promoting good health and physical fitness. 

It has always been her vision to help everyone feel good about themselves by taking care of their bodies. Taking care of one’s health is highly essential for self-esteem. Moreover, a positive body image also enhances people’s productivity by awakening that inner confidence to go after their dreams. Health should always be a priority.

Head on to Tika Faya’s website and Instagram pages to know more about how Carla Hanibal and her company.

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