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Carrie Birkel Looks to Help People Through High Quality CBD



The CBD (cannabidiol) movement has taken the health and wellness industry by storm. The variant has become a safer alternative to cannabis use that gives users the many health effects that the natural drug provides. And leading the charge in the safe use of CBD to treat many of today’s physiological and psychological ailments is Carrie Birkel and her company FarmShopCBD. 

Carrie is a living testament to the benefits that CBD has to offer. Formerly, the businesswoman received a diagnosis for Stage 4 Breast Cancer. In a short time, the virulence of the disease had spread to her lungs. At the level of her disease and the pace it was spreading, doctors gave her only one year to live. Open to trying any alternatives, she heard about CBD treatments. “I started with CBD to help save my own life,” shares Carrie. “This past May 1, 2020, I was told I am in Full Remission.” 

Prior to her full recovery from Cancer, Carrie Birkel started FarmShopCBD, her CBD products brand created from scratch. The company’s commitment is to revolutionize the CBD industry by creating a transparent brand with the highest standards. Every product goes from “farm to shop.” This promise means that all CBD creation process steps happen in-house to guarantee the best quality possible. The company has teamed up to fulfill the full control over all processes, including seeding, vegetation, harvesting, drying, storage, and distribution. The only thing that FarmShopCBD doesn’t do is testing, which they do via a third-party company as assurance that there is no bias in their testing processes. 

Beyond anything, the company stands because of the passion Carrie Birkel has for the benefits that hemp plants have to offer to its consumers. CBD has shown properties that can help reactivate receptors in the body that go dormant as we age. Consequently, the product is suggested to help relieve pain, lower anxiety, relax muscles, and even and help with  many other health concerns.  . The use of CBD often occurs in the form of balms, ointments, pills, and oils.

At FarmShopBCD, there is a high commitment to quality. “We created the purest product most people have seen,” declares Carrie Birkel. “Our clients rave about our products all the time. We get so many reports and testimonials on the benefits of CBD.”

In retrospect, Carrie Birkel can only begin to express how grateful she is for what CBD has done for her. Apart from giving her a successful business that has helped many others, it has helped her buy back her life. The mother of two grown daughters shares how much she looks forward to being present in their next milestones.  

Carrie Birkel first started her career out in the liquor industry. She served as the National Sales Manager of the well-known brand Seagram’s.  Later, the sales professional would move to other parts of the business funnel. She dove into research and development of patents and inventions. Later, she would start a venture capital company that invested in various real estate developments, wholesale companies, and retail fashion design ventures. 

She has taken all the years of expertise and knowledge she picked up in marketing, sales, research, and development, and business growth to bring FarmShopCBD to the level it is at now. One of the leaders in CBD manufacturing and distribution, Carrie Birkel, looks to help more people through the revolutionary product that in her opinion saved her life. In the Cbd industry we can only suggest this might help you, as pharmaceutical may help I prefer the all Certified Organic path, this is a personal choice, Carrie said.    A percentage of every sale is donated to Cancer a Research.  

To learn more about Carrie and FarmShopCBD, visit the company’s website and Facebook page.

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