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Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC Actualizes the Dream of Permanent Makeup



Photo by Shane Baker Photography; Model: @brittru

In a perfect world, everyone ought to look good and never have to deal with insecurities or go through the extra stress of having their face made up daily. But today’s world is not perfect, and a few people like Akisha Jenee Holland are trying to make it perfect by establishing her permanent makeup brand, Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC. Akisha believes in the possibility of everyone having a flawless face that will not require daily makeup application. This explains why she focuses on precision before and during the permanent makeup procedure.

Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC is a brand that sees beyond helping its clients look beautiful. The company culture embodies transparency, kind-heartedness, intelligence, and timelessness. Akisha’s passion for her brand grows each day from the bright smile her clients put on when they see their new look. As the perfectionist that she is, she makes sure she achieves the look she is aiming for, and she helps her clients achieve that effortless youthful look that requires zero maintenance.

Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC has spread its tentacles to different parts of the United States such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. She has worked with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and influencers across multiple niches. With 20-year-long experience in the beauty industry, Akisha has seen it all, and establishing her brand is a well-thought-out process that didn’t come to be by mistake.

Akisha has excelled in her entrepreneurial endeavors and has been featured in multiple publications in the United States. Besides being a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist, she is also an educator and public speaker who holds a BA degree in English and an MFA in Creative Writing.

Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC helps people get their brows right, especially during the pandemic that everyone has to cover half of their faces. The brand takes away the need to apply makeup every day as it is committed to enhancing permanent beauty and making it permanent. The company targets include everyone who has to face the world daily and does not have the luxury of time to wear makeup all the time.

Akisha has set her brand apart by establishing strong cultures that border on friendliness, transparency, engagement, and results. She has also pushed her name and brand by getting involved in local charities with a plan underway to establish her own non-profit charity organization. Akisha prides herself on being a natural leader, which informed her decision to establish her own company. She wants to take full control of her life and business while helping others build their careers and setting a good example for them.

Her five-year goal is to build her business and take active steps to establish her non-profit organization that provides complimentary brow services to people who have lost their hair to cancer or other medical conditions. She will also get involved in the fight against human trafficking and domestic violence. The next few months will be spent promoting her brand and showing the world how safe and convenient permanent makeup is compared to applying makeup every day.

Learn more about Celebrity Brows by Akisha Janee, LLC on the official website.

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