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CEO of CW Petroleum Corp Chris Williams: Taking the Customer Experience from Good to Great



Chris Williams, CEO of Texas based company CW Petroleum Corp (OTCQB: CWPE), knows that every decision a company makes impacts how the intended audience will view that company. He explains that, as an entrepreneur, you will need to harness your values and goals in order to better serve your customer base. Williams knows that his strong dedication to providing a unique customer experience, as well as instilling this value within every team member, has helped with CW Petroleum Corp’s overall gross sales increase in 2021 when compared to the previous year. 

Williams has over ten years of experience in the energy industry under his belt, first getting his start alongside S&P Global Platts. Under the direction of the world-renowned leader in crude oil and refined product publications, Williams was able to see the ins and outs of how a company in this particular industry was run. With new ideas waiting to be put into motion, Williams decided to start his own venture in the energy industry and CW Petroleum Corp was born. Starting in 2015, the company broke new ground by announcing they would be bringing biodiesel and biodiesel fuel blends to the market, as well as proprietary EPA-approved ethanol-free gasoline. While Williams sought to expand their offerings to their intended clientele, he also made it clear that the customer journey was at the forefront. He explains, “We have premier customer service, coupled with our niche product offering. That was one of our key focuses when we first began developing our company…”. He dives in further, highlighting that premiere customer service is not an easy feat for a company to accomplish, but it is necessary in order to scale your operations. 

Williams knew that in order to take his customer service from good to great, he needed to recognize that every person on his team played a unique role. Williams explains, “The customer service element of any company is paramount. I think a smaller company when starting out can provide greater customer service, but in a large mega company it is more difficult for them to provide that same level of service”. By keeping his team relatively small, Williams is able to completely manage and build relationships with each team member to ensure that goals are aligned, as well as proper training protocols are performed when it comes to customer service. This ensures that every aspect, as well as every stage, of the operation is streamlined with optimal customer support. 

Williams lends much of his success to the team members that make up the backbone of the company, speaking on the growth that CW Petroleum Corp saw in the past year, “We are encouraged by the results announced today that continue to show an upward trajectory in the growth and robust financial health of our company. We remain working alongside a Global Investment Bank to raise capital to expand our footprint throughout new markets in the United States and work towards our ultimate goal of qualifying for the NASDAQ”. CW Petroleum Corp saw an overall gross sales increase of 21%, proving the company is on an upward trajectory. Williams is optimistic about where the company is headed and is hopeful for the future for CW Petroleum Corp. 

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