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Charlie McCoy Gives a Glimpse of His Life as a CEO



In the middle of all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, everyone is just trying to make it through. Hopping from one task to another and checking things off the to-do list, dreamers and go-getters pour their unyielding dedication and commitment as they conquer their endeavors and fulfill their ambitions. And in the case of Charlie McCoy, a well-established CEO in New York City, he tries to show that despite his reputable standing, he is just one of the hustling crowd.

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York is home to the esteemed founder of Artisan Barber and Orchard & Ludlow, Charlie McCoy. Standing at the forefront of these two up and rising establishments in Manhattan, he demonstrates an unparalleled work ethic, proving that no matter what title or position a person has, everyone is still bound to work hard for the fruition of their dreams. 

As one of the busiest men in town, Charlie McCoy stays on top of his game by starting his day early and ending it late. According to this laudable figure, running a barbershop and salon is not an easy thing to do. But seeing how well he was able to manage everything on his plate, he decided to branch out and expand his horizons. 

Today, not only is Charlie McCoy tasked with rendering quality hair care services at his brick-and-mortar businesses, but he is also preoccupied with juggling his other ventures, such as Artisan Luxury Brands, Artisan Media Group, Duke & Hyde, and The Grooming Alchemist. With all the responsibilities that he has, one would think that this ball of fire would eventually burn out. But proving to be a man of wonder, he surprised everyone by emerging stronger and better than he ever was. 

For Charlie McCoy, the best way to execute his duties and stay dedicated to each and every one of his ventures is to have a detailed schedule. He shared that as a former small business owner, he would work all day during weekdays. But now that he is already the founder of multiple enterprises, he had to readjust his days and try to make the most out of his valuable time. 

As one of the foremost advocates of impactful leadership, Charlie McCoy believes that the ultimate goal of a CEO is to manage different initiatives and to go the extra mile so that the company can stay afloat. And with numerous projects going on throughout the day, this exceptional leader makes sure that his brainchildren reach their goals.

On average, Charlie McCoy deals with five to ten different projects per day, with each of those generating income in some way. “This doesn’t necessarily mean I complete a project each day. It only means that there are a handful of tasks that I must accomplish to improve the said projects’ portfolios. In this way, my company can produce revenue and I can continue employing more staff while still having time for myself and my family,” he said. Indeed, no one can exhibit work-life balance the way that Charlie does.

In an interview, the CEO shared that his company is anchored in three things—accomplishing good in the world, catering to the employees’ needs, and enriching the business itself. And contrary to what most people think, Charlie McCoy is not just concerned with his ventures. To him, self-care and time with loved reign supreme in his life. 

With everything that he has accomplished for his career, Charlie McCoy has shown that one should never lose sight of what truly matters. No amount of success can compare to the joy and fulfillment that matters of the heart can bring. 

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