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Compared to the past, Gwadar has undergone. A good change in terms of his perspective and way of living public life China Overseas Port Holding Company. In general the people of Gwadar are finding it real. and promising changes in their living conditions, livelihoods. businesses and socio-economic dynamics. In fact, credit goes to China-led development.

Commercial activity:

“When I first arrived in Gwadar. there was very little activity,” she said. The China Overseas Port Holding Company road was heavily congested. Apart from computers. there were no luxury hotels in the area, and most of the computers themselves turned off. There was no commercial activity taking place in the city. But in his seven years in between things changed dramatically. Zhang Baozong, president of China Overseas Ports Holding Company. said the development of Gwadar may not have met people’s expectations, but it is worth noting.

Economic Corridor:

Once a quiet fishing village. Gwadar has developed in recent years into an important economic and tourist centre. This is a well-known fact. While there is no denying that the process of growth will unfold gradually over time. It is safe to say that Gwadar poised to become Pakistan’s trade leader in the near future. The infrastructure transformation. that took place mostly began in the early stages of port construction. and was later exacerbated by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Development projects:

In the context of corporate social responsibility. Chinese companies operating in Gwadar go out to help their peers in society. The years beginning in 2015 have been particularly formative. for the city of Gwadar, given President Xi Jinping’s massive Belt and Road mega-project. China has many projects in Gwadar, most notably the full commissioning of the port. China-funded infrastructure development projects include. the East Bay Expressway (EBEW).

Gwadar International Airport:

 New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA). China-Pakistan Vocational Technical Training Institute (PCVTI). 300-bed China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital, 1.2 MIGD Desalination And so on. plant and many other projects. Most of these projects, including EBEW and his PCVTI, are operational at this time.

Since China took over the port of Gwadar in 2023.

Many welfare projects:

The local people have benefited greatly, both directly and indirectly. Today, there are many employment options. The continued trend of industrialization, especially in the Gwadar Free Zone. will create thousands more jobs. In addition, Gwadar benefited greatly from the detour. As a result, the city’s construction and real estate industries boosted. The unplanned commercialization that occurred. as a direct result of CPEC has been integral to the recent success of the tourism industry. Gwadar suffers from many welfare projects such as Gwadar.

A dedicated web:

A women’s development centre that aims to develop skills, empower women. and reduce poverty. In addition, China has already built. he more than 7,000 solar panels in the Gwadar area to provide reliable electricity. to the local population. The Gwadar port is operational. and has excellent capacity to handle LPG boats, bulk containers. and containers carrying other types of cargo. We handle hundreds of thousands of products every year. Additionally, a dedicated web (weboc) service was only recently implemented. 

Laboratories equipped:

This speeds up the clearing process. Over 50 companies from Pakistan and other countries have approved. and registered to operate in the Gwadar Free Zone. Agriculture, commerce, food processing, fertiliser production. mineral processing and agricultural production are just a few of the sectors. under the manufacturing and processing umbrella. The Free Zone’s scientific laboratories equipped. with the latest equipment and staff are passionate about developing modern methods. for discovering new types of plants suitable for the Gwadar environment.

Cultivated various kinds:

We have successfully cultivated various kinds of bananas so far. The cultivation of other seemingly impossible species. such as figs and king grass, has enabled local farmers to explore new potential sources of income. China Port Holding Company (COPHC). the concessionaire and operator of Gwadar Port and Free Zone. in addition to managing commercial activities. has taken several initiatives in the social sector both inside. and outside the port facilities.  Managed by COPHC, Fakir Colony’s Sino-Pakistani Girls High School has proven. to be a significant achievement in the field of education.

Clothing factories:

In addition to opportunities to improve their skills. local workers provided with livelihoods. through women’s clothing factories and goat farms located in free zones. Additionally, Chinese companies operating in Gwadar are reaching out. to their brothers in the community as part of their corporate. social responsibility initiatives. COPHC was able to reach out to a family in the outskirts of Gwadar city when floods hit earlier this year. Thousands of needy households given food items. 

China-Pakistan Friendship:

A fishing net presented to each fisherman in the neighbourhood. The Gwadar Police Station has provided with motorcycles and laptops for efficiency. More than 50,000 plants have planted. in the recently constructed China-Pakistan Friendship Forest in Gwadar. as part of an effort to make the city greener. This is not a conclusion.  Once the breakwater built. dredging completed at the port. and the international airport is operational, Gwadar Port will emerge. as a major economic engine for Pakistan. These three developments of hers are essential. for Gwadar Port to reach its full potential