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Christien Bouc & Bouc Media’s Path To 7 Figures With Instagram Marketing



Autonomy and freedom from the monotony of the daily grind is largely why many seek a lifestyle that might seem unconventional on paper, but to Christien, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christien Bouc works entirely remotely with his marketing agency Bouc Media accessible at any time from his laptop and iPhone. Is this the future of what it means to work in the digital age? This is what it means to be an entrepreneur, never glued to one location, never satisfied, always longing to explore the world while getting the job done from your wifi connection remotely.

What Bouc Media Is All About

Instagram growth has been the driving and centric force behind Christien’s Youtube channel, Facebook group, as well as his marketing agency Bouc Media, always thinking of new and innovative ways to grow client’s accounts to keep the needle moving, always looking for the next best method to bring his clients aggressive growth. I had the pleasure of interviewing Christien and asked him a few questions. “Tell me a little bit about the agency and what you’ve accomplished so far.” Christien says “Every month, we grow clients between 200,000 and 400,000 USA-based followers via influencer marketing. Over the years, I’ve pushed out a lot of content organically across social media via Youtube and inside my Facebook group showcasing the strategies that we use to grow accounts.” It’s clear to me that through these strategies that Christien was able to create a reliable funnel that consistently brought him new leads naturally whilst educating the world on Instagram growth.

San Francisco Based, Thrive Traveling Abroad

Based in San Francisco, California but the truth, Christien has had the opportunity to live in many places around the world in the past two years since his job can be accomplished entirely from his phone. Christien says “Right now, I’m outside of the United States but during 2020 I lived out of Airbnbs in Santa Monica and Palm Springs while I waited for travel to reopen and for things to settle down with lockdowns and covid related restrictions.

How Did It All Begin

“Here in my garage.” A quote that lives in the heads of many entrepreneurs rent-free. Christien says “I started my marketing agency after watching a Tai Lopez advertisement and later purchasing his course. I went all in, and eventually explored other platforms than Facebook and grew some Instagram accounts. At the time, the organic reach on the platform was…INSANE and I knew IG was a platform that couldn’t be ignored. Since then, I’ve done pretty much only Instagram-related services, I’ve become an expert that many agencies and clients refer to for information and services on the most cutting edge strategies.” Christien is one of the most well-known in his space and well-regarded, largely due to his presence on Youtube and on Facebook which earns the trust of new potential clients often before Christien has time to speak with them, which leads to an organic pipeline of new clientele for Bouc Media.

What Inspires You?

Many like Christien starting their agencies from the ground up with little to no start-up capital, entirely on their own with no hand-outs. It’s almost like starting off knowing you have no one to back you up fuels the fire and separates the successful agency owners in this space from people who are just out for a quick buck and fail quickly. Christien says, “I get up inspired and motivated to work and crush my goals, I’ve built my business to 6 figures annually, but I’m on a mission to make that 7 figures. I love making progress and growing physically, mentally, and in business.” I feel that Christien’s viewpoint here is so crucial and stresses the importance of shooting for the stars even if you only expect to make it to the clouds. A million in one year seems like a difficult task, but like Elon Musk famously says “Try to accomplish your 10-year plan in 5, you’ll probably fail but you’ll be further along than the person who expected it to take 10 years.”

What About Your Journey Inspires Others?

So many entrepreneurs, visionaries, and timeless moguls never finished college. For some reason school was boring to them and they just figured they had a better way to do things. If the business and marketing professors knew so much about marketing and business, wouldn’t they just run their own hedge-funds or companies? Christien says “I didn’t graduate college and I hope to inspire others to start their own online business. Although it is weird to think about, I’m changing people’s lives with the content put out and have in the past.” To Christien, being able to make others realize it’s possible for them to do the same thing makes all the difference to him.

Why Do What You Do?

The inspiration behind why we work hard in business I think differs for everyone, some feel they have something to prove, some are in it for money, some sincerely aren’t pleased by money because they aren’t satisfied until they get to Mars. Christien says “My favorite part is the hustle. My least favorite part is the hustle. I wake up every day excited to work. I enjoy doing something I love and the freedom to live on your own terms and be your boss is something I appreciate every single day.” At the core, freedom is why so many people are seeking jobs like Christien’s in this space. With so many people left jobless after the pandemic, it’s never been more crucial to be your own boss and carve a unique path.

Bouc Media’s Come-Up: How Did It All Begin?

Bouc Media was created out of necessity. There’s never been a stronger demand for marketing on Instagram and other social media platforms. Christien wanted a way to live life on his terms whilst doing what he loves, building the followings for thousands of clients worldwide. Christien says “I started my brand officially back in 2017 where I made an Instagram account called @christienbouc. The handle of that account is @christienvirals, but I grew that account to 100k in 88 days. Concurrently, I was also posting videos on youtube which I recorded at the time with my iPhone 5s. I cringe when seeing the quality of those videos and I archived many of them. Over time I’ve developed a small, targeted following on Youtube and pushed them to a Facebook Group.” Christien’s Facebook group is truly where his brand thrives, he’s able to participate in a large diverse niched community of social media marketers where he’s well-respected and regarded as the top source for knowledge in the industry. Christien says “Youtube started my brand, but I built the “Insta Hackers” Facebook group to over 15,000+ members much faster but the group was disabled because of the name, so I started a new one called “Instagram Marketing Secrets”. That current group is approaching 20,000 members to date in 2021. From there on, I focused on monetizing my following on social media and Bouc Media does over six figures annually in revenue. My brand started with an iPhone 5s and ended with a six-figure business that I plan to turn into seven-figures.” While each piece of the equation seems small on its own, it’s through all of these developments that Bouc Media became the powerhouse it is today, with Facebook Marketing being a dominant driving force.

The Key To It All “GROWTH”

What’s the purpose of Bouc Media? Every agency has a specialty, and undoubtedly the key here is GROWTH. We help clients grow targeted followings or general ones depending on what their goals are specific. This can range from running celebrity promotions to build up massive social proof FAST, or it can be targeted influencer marketing campaigns on theme pages in your niche. It all depends on the client, the budget, content, and the strategy used. For Christien at Bouc Media, the driving force behind the agency currently is influencer marketing and celebrity-based promotions. “IG has become the one-stop-shop for everything where someone can go from commenting on a friend’s post to purchasing a high-end product the Instagram Algorithm served them on their explore page or shopping tab organically”. Making it crucial to build a following that cares about your content and wants to potentially take valuable actions on what you have to offer.

Why Bouc Media?

With many other agencies doing the same thing, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Christien can set himself apart from the crowd by bringing his clients and other agencies results that keep them coming back time & and again. Christien says, “My team and I are always on top of the newest, most cutting edge strategies on social media. We all have connections with influencers and shoutout networks not available to the public and this is a driving force behind why what we offer is exclusive. Due to this, many agencies have frequented our services and resell to their clients because of the results we consistently deliver!”

5 Year Plan & Beyond

Christien has no plans of slowing down doing everything in his power and wheelhouse to find new means of bringing his clients dynamic social growth that always corresponds to the latest and greatest trends in Instagram marketing. Christien says “My goal is to scale my business to 7 figures in the next 2–5 years and diversify into owning a few profitable SAAS companies and own multi-family real estate. After that, I’m not sure, but I want to do something big, possibly buy a well-known brand with a weak online presence and take it into the 21st century with digital marketing.” Wherever Christien Bouc is heading I’m eager to follow his journey and see what comes next with so much success so far in a relatively short amount of time. Until next time.


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