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CJ Hammond speaks on his journey and path to success



CJ Hammond

CJ Hammond is an entrepreneur who has worked hard to become an expert in his industry, credible, and trusted by his clients. CJ founded Fit Legend Inc which is a health and wellness brand and personal training business. Many may assume CJ is an overnight success, however, it is his hard work and dedication to his goals that got him there. CJ was born and raised in Washington, DC, and went on to play Division 1 football at Temple University. After graduating in 2013, he started a new chapter of his life and moved to Miami where he opened up his first gym called Fit Legend Sports & Fitness which specializes in sports performance and rehab.

While owning Fit Legend Sports & Fitness, CJ Hammond trained many athletes at the time but he did face many obstacles. In 2016 he had to close his gym down for financial reasons, but he did not let this failure turn into fear and refused to give up. Later in that year, CJ got the opportunity to move to LA to restart and expand his career. While in LA, he worked at a boxing gym for 3 years where he learned an immense amount of information about the sport. This was a huge asset for CJ that he added to his strength and conditioning background. CJ Hammond wanted to learn even more about the industry and became a certified EXOS Performance Specialist which is a well-respected organization for sports performance.

In the last three years, CJ Hammond has trained people from the likes of Cam Newton, Johnny Manzel, Angela Simmons, Rajon Rondo, and recent #2 overall pick in the NFL draft Chase Young. What separates CJ from the crowd is that he worked 7 days a week non-stop for 3 years straight making a name for himself in LA and continuing to build his brand. This required a lot of long days and nights and CJ refused to let anyone outwork him. It was in December of 2019 exactly 3 years after he moved to LA that CJ Hammond decided it was time to go out on his own and restart a new brand.

In 2019 CJ Hammond started his new health and wellness company Fit Legend Inc which specializes in functional training, sports performance, recovery, and boxing. Fit Legend Inc also doubles as a fitness expert for various well-known magazines and fitness blogs. Since COVID-19 CJ’s personal training business has tripled. He knew that in order to succeed through the pandemic he would have to program his business model around house calls and online training, which he did flawlessly.

 CJ Hammond has worked extremely hard over the last few years non-stop to build a brand he was proud of, which is finally paying off. He once lived out of his car in Miami pondering his future, but never gave up on making a better life for himself. He loves his clients and has great relationships with each and everyone, which has given him great client retention. CJ is currently working towards creating an athleisure line for his brand which is scheduled to drop this fall. To follow along with CJ Hammond’s journey and learn more about his business, click here.

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