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Coach Eric Cabrera Demonstrates How to Succeed in Multiple Industries



It is easy to jump to the conclusion that individuals who show competence in any endeavor they set their minds into must be inherently gifted. But while it is true that a certain degree of talent can explain one’s excellence, entrepreneur and coach Eric Cabrera wants to emphasize the importance of perseverance and hardwork in turning dreams into a reality. And in doing so, he hopes to encourage people who may be in doubt of their ability to succeed in life.

Hailing from New York, Eric takes pride in his story that started from humble beginnings. As someone who did not have a silver platter handed out to him, he understands the value of hard work to achieve one’s goals.

This retired lieutenant with twenty-three years of experience in the fire service is currently making a name for himself in multiple industries. Not only is he an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and author, but he is also a TV personality in some of Colorado’s popular shows like Fox21’s Morning News segment called Fitness Fridays, as well as in the morning show, Loving Living Local.

As a mogul in the business industry, he has established ventures with phenomenal commercial results. He opened his first real estate firm, producing a total of $6.2 million in revenue and acquisition within nine months before selling it on the market. And regardless of the numerous milestones he has already reached, Eric always aims to go higher and is preparing to bring a brand-new functional training studio franchise called Blitz45 to Colorado and the western half of the United States. With more branches to come, his first Blitz45 branch will open this summer of 2020 in Colorado Springs. 

Another exciting project of Eric’s scheduled for 2020 is the book titled Power of Mental Wealth, which he co-authored with best-selling writers Johnny Wimbrey, Heather Monahan, and Les Brown.

Further proving his far-reaching influence and impact, this owner of two health club chains also sits on the executive board of two nonprofit organizations. He demonstrates that his skills are not only of value within the commercial space but can also be utilized to fulfill humanitarian objectives.

Given his decades of experience and his incredible portfolio of accomplishments, Eric proves to be an authority on how to get far. And in the hopes of enabling the same success in others, he coaches individuals in real estate, business development, and personal growth. 

Eric loves to expose and drive home the fact that one’s weaknesses are the building blocks of their strengths. When one puts in the necessary effort to transform their areas for improvement to wells of assets, they will be armored and equipped to win at any industry. 

Through his speaking engagements and coaching sessions, Eric lets others see how powerful the combination of dedication and valuation of self-worth is. And with the aid of his coaching company and YouTube channel called Generational Increase, he plans to change more mindsets and influence more lives. Generational Increase will be launched in January of 2021.

Learn more about Eric Cabrera by checking out his Instagram page.

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