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Collin Vargo founds QuickTutor App



Collin Vargo founds QuickTutor App

Just “tap a button and instantly connect with an expert to teach you anything.” That was the simple idea that Collin Vargo had in mind when needed a tutor while studying for his Maths exam in college in early 2016.

Collin Vargo is the founder and CEO of QuickTutor, an iPhone app that helps anyone find qualified tutors in a swift fashion.

In high school, Vargo was a two-time wrestling state qualifier and he earned all-state honors as a senior. He wrestled at the Division 1 level in college but has since left school to focus on the business. The groundwork for QuickTutor formally began in May of 2017 and in a six-month stretch, Vargo and the venture were off and running.

Vargo said that he always had lifelong aspirations of owning and running a business. But it was a desire to create and assist others that helped inspire QuickTutor. And it just doesn’t revolve around academics, where Vargo first discovered a necessity for tutoring. “Not all companies focus on helping people or innovation, and that’s okay”, said Vargo. “But at QuickTutor, we want to focus on creating innovative products that benefit people’s lives in some way or another”.

He further added, “Over time, I realized that this concept can not only be applied to academics but everything from auto, technology, health and wellness, sports and video games, etc. Once I was able to get the idea from out of my head and onto paper, it all began.”

Navigating through the QuickTutor app is a straightforward process for those seeking assistance. From their free app available on the Apple App Store, one can seek out the best option available based on the subject, pricing, distance (for in-person sessions) and availability. Sessions with tutors can be arranged either in-person or online via video calls. Vargo said the app should be available for Android devices by May this year. QuickTutor’s web platform with video capability launches in September of 2019.

As for those interested in tutoring, QuickTutor allows for those individuals to control their own “side business,” if you will, from managing their schedule, adding up to 30 subjects on their profiles, set their own pricing, etc. After a session, the money goes directly into the tutor’s linked bank account.

While the idea of QuickTutor itself derived from experience in college, Vargo says his drive to deliver a business had always been there – but for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, the onus is on the individual to make it happen.

“A lot of people believe there has to be this external defining moment that enables someone to become more motivated or more successful, but in reality – you have to start,” Vargo said. “Once you start working, that’s where the motivation or ‘light bulb,’ as they say, come. One thing I always say over and over in my head is, ‘Burn the midnight oil, so you don’t stay awake in the midnight hours wondering ‘what if?”

Download QuickTutor for free on the Apple App Store today:

For more information about QuickTutor, visit the official website at  You can also follow the company on Facebook (@QuickTutor), Twitter (@QuickTutor) and Instagram (@quicktutor).

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