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Comparing the Cost of vs Cost of Smartsheets



Comparing the Cost of vs Cost of Smartsheets

Smartsheet is a project management tool with a spreadsheet-like interface. It enables team collaboration, resource management, workflow automation, and more.

The platform offers three pricing tiers, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Each tier lifts usage restrictions and unlocks new features. We’ll compare the Cost of with the Cost of Smartsheets in this article with reviews of each project management software.

Cost of

Both Monday and Smartsheet offer a variety of different features that help streamline work. They can be used for a variety of tasks, from project planning to team collaboration. However, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses that you should consider before making a decision.

Monday is a general work management tool that can be used by small businesses and teams of any size. It comes with a free forever plan that supports two users and offers up to three boards, 200+ templates, whiteboard collaboration, a Kanban view, and more.

It also has an easy-to-use automation builder that allows you to set up recurring tasks, notifications, status changes, moving a task from one board to another, and more. You can also create automation recipes, which are combinations of triggers and actions that automate repetitive tasks.

The platform’s dashboards, graphs, calendar views, and timelines help you understand your data at light speed. You can even create your own custom dashboards.

In addition, Monday’s checklists are built for project managers, helping you break down larger tasks into smaller ones that are easier to tackle. They can also be used to track project progress and ensure you meet deadlines.

This is a critical function for managing projects that involve multiple clients and contractors. Without it, it’s difficult to know how much time your team is spending on each task, which can lead to poor decisions about how to allocate resources.

The platform is HIPPA-compliant, and it’s easy to customize notifications for your team, including email, mobile push, messaging apps, and approval requests. But the learning curve is steep for some of the more advanced features, like resource management and digital asset management.

Cost of Smartsheets

If you’re looking for reliable project management software, both Smartsheet and Monday offer robust features at a reasonable price. However, you’ll have to decide which one is right for your business needs.

The cost of Smartsheets offers a spreadsheet-like interface that can be easily used by non-technical users. They also support integrations and customizing templates, making them suitable for a wide variety of businesses.

Smartsheet grids, Gantt charts, and calendars make it easier for teams to see work in progress and track it down to specific tasks and deadlines. It also allows teams to collect feedback via surveys, and its reporting tools help execs get a clearer picture of how projects are progressing.

Its advanced reports make it easy to visualize data and identify bottlenecks, so you can improve your workflows. It also allows users to share reports with other team members, stakeholders, and departments so everyone is in the loop.

On top of that, Smartsheet has a dedicated customer support team and extensive knowledge base with hundreds of self-help materials. It offers live webinars, how-to articles, and community forums for help.

In terms of pricing, Smartsheet has three tiers: Pro ($7 per user/month), Business (25 users/month), and Enterprise (custom quote). Each plan includes a free trial and has limited features.

The Enterprise tier is designed for larger businesses that need enterprise-grade control and administration capabilities. It comes with additional premium apps, advanced user management, and centralized task tracking and governance controls.

Monday’s free plan supports two users and offers a number of project management features, including unlimited boards, docs, 200+ templates, whiteboard collaboration, Kanban view, and more. Its paid plans come with additional storage, docs, and unlimited viewers, along with a few extra features like email support. Reviews

Monday is a project management platform that enables companies to track their projects and tasks. It also helps users organize their work and communicate with colleagues. Its features include task dependencies and integrations, as well as a variety of board views.

Monday offers various default automation recipes that can be customized with triggers and actions. This automation can help you streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks like recurring tasks.

The platform also has a checklist feature, which allows you to split bigger tasks into sub-tasks. This helps teams tackle complex projects without losing focus on their primary goals.

It also has a column that shows deadlines for different tasks, which can save time and ensure that each team member keeps on top of their assigned tasks. In addition, it has a feature that lets you broadcast your board to other members via email, which will also help you to keep up with the progress of each project.

Monday Connected and Mirror Column tools are great time-saving options that allow you to link information from one column to another on the same board. These are especially useful if you want to display the same information in multiple places, such as a client’s board or your own board.

With an Enterprise subscription, you can create a dashboard that combines data from up to 50 boards with monthly action limits for integrations and automation increasing to 250,000. This is a good option for larger organizations with more complex needs and advanced security requirements.

It also offers a robust search tool that helps you to find the right content on the platform. In addition, it has a comprehensive activity log and various status options.

Smartsheets Reviews

Smartsheet is a project management software platform that allows users to create and manage multiple projects from a single place. It also helps teams track project milestones and deadlines and ensure that they are able to complete tasks on time and within budget.

The platform is ideal for businesses that need to track all aspects of their business processes from one central location, such as financial management or marketing. It also offers a number of features that can help users improve their productivity, including file sharing and office productivity tools.

It also includes a resource management tool that can be useful in projects where there are many different people working on them at the same time. This function allows teams to assign tasks to the right people at the right time, ensuring that they can achieve their goals.

Compared to other project management tools, Smartsheet has a higher usability score (4.3/5). It is easy to use and has the best range of features for teams managing complex projects.

In addition, it is incredibly affordable for small businesses and provides users with a free trial period. This can be a great way to see whether the platform is right for your business.

It is easy to customize and includes several features that can help you automate your workflows and reduce manual tasks. It also offers powerful collaboration capabilities, allowing you to easily share data with team members and external stakeholders.

The software is secure and uses TLS/SSL encryption to transfer files to and from the cloud. Its servers are backed up regularly to ensure that your data is safe. It also includes a host of third-party integrations and mobile apps, making it easier for you to keep your data up-to-date on the go.


Smartsheet has a variety of ways to view sheets, including a grid view that’s similar to a spreadsheet, a Kanban-style card, a Gantt chart, and calendar views. Users can also create custom reports that collate data from sources within multiple sheets or generate dashboards that provide a high-level overview of data.

Smartsheet offers a variety of project management tools that make it easy for teams to manage projects. These include project planning, tracking and monitoring tasks, and communication. These tools help teams collaborate more efficiently and keep their work on track. They also help teams save time by allowing them to easily manage their projects without having to spend hours in front of a computer.

Another feature that Smartsheet provides is its Activity Log, which allows users and admins to track common actions such as who viewed what, who shared what and more. While this feature is helpful, it’s not as robust as some other project management tools on the market today.

In addition, the company has a large template center that offers ready-made workflows for any industry, from sales pipeline to customer onboarding and new-seller training. These templates are a great way to start using the platform without having to build everything from scratch. They can be used to refine existing processes, or as a basis for creating new ones.

The monday platform is a great choice for small and midsize businesses that need a cost-effective solution for managing their projects. It’s simple to use and has a lot of great features, including its complete sales CRM and its extensive integrations. It’s best to contact the monday team to get a quote and learn more about their pricing options.