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Consultants In-A-Box Enables Business Scale-Ups Through Centralized Services



Business models and methods change with technology. And despite the ultimate convenience brought about by today’s ever-evolving digital era, it is still somehow inevitable to struggle with its upkeep. This is precisely the challenge of some business owners that Consultants In-A-Box aims to eradicate.

Consultants In-A-Box is an all-around agency that aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and today’s changing technologies. The organization helps businesses by offering creative and tested solutions for them to keep pace with the developing business models and systems to date.

One of the company’s most significant objectives is to enable its clients to maximize their resources. Consultants In-A-Box does this by offering solutions that are guaranteed to help businesses save time and money, as well as create a better system of customer service for them. “Anything short of meeting at least one of these results is short of a quality solution,” says Jordan VanMaanen, owner of Consultants In-A-Box. He continues to emphasize that the company understands that no two businesses have the exact same needs and that each one requires different services and tools as they evolve. Consultants In-A-Box, therefore, offers client consultations with their experts who can identify any business’ present and future needs to ensure they have the proper support and tools in place to attain sustainable growth.

Through facilitating the implementation of optimized business processes and software solutions, Consultants In-A-Box has helped numerous enterprises scale-up and grow to their highest potential. Its mission, as stated on the organization’s website, reads: “Consultants In-A-Box believes in two things: simple well-vetted solutions and a walk-in-your-shoes mentality.”

Knowing full well that a majority of business owners go into business to pursue what they are passionate about, the company aims to work side by side with these entrepreneurs to enable them to focus on the bigger picture—letting them do what they set out to do instead of being side-tracked with struggles on selecting software and technologies for their businesses.

Consultants In-A-Box offers a vast array of specializations. In relation to web development, they help businesses with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web hosting, e-commerce, blog writing, and the pay-per-click advertising model. The company also assists entrepreneurs with their Human Resource needs, such as payroll, employee benefits, and time clock management, to name a few.

When it comes to business operations, Consultants In-A-Box has large, medium, and small-scale enterprises covered as well. They help set up video conferences and webinars and offer assistance in payment processing, customer relationship management, field service management, and many more. Furthermore, the company prides itself on aiding entrepreneurs set up phone systems, broadband internet, Wi-Fi portals, and fleet tracking for their businesses.

The organization is eager to multiply its reach and connect with more business owners who wish to optimize their time and refocus strategies and methods for business growth. In the future, the South Dakota-based company envisions running their operations on the national scale, having set up branch offices in the United States’ metro areas.

To know more about Consultants In-A-Box and how they are changing the landscape of business operations, visit their website. One may also reach them through their Facebook page.

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