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Cornell Bunting Inspires People with His Remarkable Life Story



Book author and motivational speaker Cornell Bunting’s life story is something that no one would ever dream of going through in life or deem possible for another human being. What most people would think was the end of the road for the former CEO, after getting convicted and sentenced to spend a lifetime behind bars, turned out to be one of the ultimate tests to his strength of character, faith, and perspective in life. Not giving up was key to his survival while unceasingly appealing his case because of his innocence. How he managed to reverse the court’s decision is a testimony of betrayal, grit, hope, redemption, and awe-inspiring determination, and it now serves as a motivation to many. 

The author of the book Escaping a Life Sentence was convicted for a crime he did not commit. He was accused of 16 charges of conspiracy, extortion, kidnapping, and possible murder in 2013. He was then CEO of a security company and did not foresee the betrayal that would turn his life upside down. All throughout the period where he kept fighting the charges filed against him, he served a total of ten months in jail. Determined not to compromise his integrity and fight for his innocence, he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. 

Finally, on the third day of his trial in October 2015, after going through a roller coaster of emotions trying to make sense of his plight, Cornell Bunting received the breakthrough he had long been praying for. A witness admitted in court that he helped fabricate a story regarding Bunting’s involvement in the crime. Not long after that phenomenal turn of events, he was released from jail. A year later, his record was expunged, giving him a fresh start as he rebuilt his life with his three sons. 

Interestingly, in the number of months that he spent inside jail, Cornell Bunting was able to author four books. His most popular children’s book, titled Lion with No Roar: Finding His Calling, was a crowd-pleaser, a story that mirrored his struggles while locked behind bars, exposing the heavy emotions he was experiencing while he suffered injustice. 

Just when Cornell Bunting thought that the worst was over for him, the unexpected happened in 2016 while he was attending a church service. In front of 5,000 witnesses, the book author went into cardiac arrest and was declared dead for 16 minutes by medical experts on the scene. Amid the shock and utter disbelief of witnesses, a miraculous act of God brought him back to life. Right then and there, the Jamaica-born author knew that a new beginning had been awarded to him and that his life’s purpose became even clearer. 

Since then, Cornell Bunting has written 30 books, including The Bellman, a story that takes readers deep into the dark twists and turns of the illegal drugs trade. Looking back at how his life turned out, Bunting is nothing but grateful that despite having experienced injustice and a life-threatening ordeal, he has come out triumphant and alive. Understanding that he is only one of the very few who have managed to survive life’s greatest adversities, he is committed to using his second chance to speak encouragement and hope into the lives of his readers. 

With a heart filled with gratitude and a soul that feels compassion for others, Cornell Bunting is making it his lifelong objective to inspire others to rely on their faith and face challenges head-on. 

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