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Coûteux Cheveux, Promoting Morality and Beauty



Society usually puts a lot of emphasis on the physical look of a person, which creates a lot of unrealistic standards of beauty. There is always pressure to look groomed, and more often than not, people usually go to great lengths to ensure they look fantastic.

One aspect of beauty that people usually fixate on is to have good hair. Businesses relating to the hair industry are always booming because people cannot seem to stop buying different hair products, which includes hair dyes, styling products, hair treatment, and of course, shampoos and conditioners. 

The hair is an essential part of someone’s appearance and can usually make or break your look. Some people grow their hair naturally, but some also use wigs or hair extensions to make their hair look more fabulous. 

Chanelle Dontrese Murray established Coûteux Cheveux, a company that offers several services and products related to hair extensions. It specializes in providing exotic hair extensions which simulate styles from various cultures around the world. 

Hair extension involves the addition of artificial or real hair to a person’s natural hair with an adhesive or clip-on to make it look thicker and longer. The process can be time-consuming, seeing as the extensions are applied strand by strand.  

For clients with shorter or thinner hair, Coûteux Cheveux offers hair weave. It is a type of hair extension which involves braiding the whole hair before extensions are sewn into the braids. 

The company takes pride in providing excellent service to the people by supplying high-end quality hair extensions. Chanelle says it’s a person’s responsibility to be aware of how they are perceived, and she wants to provide great ways for you to style your hair and make you feel good about yourself. The company exists to see you excel in your talent or profession and make sure you look beautiful while doing it.

Chanelle’s reason for putting up Coûteux Cheveux is to stop investing in someone else’s business and instead start fulfilling her own. She also sees this as an opportunity to work and earn at home. It is important for her to be near and available for her children, especially with the crisis the world is going through right now because of the pandemic and racial injustice.

As a woman of West Indian descent, Chanelle is a huge advocate for human rights and equality. She actively speaks up against injustice about her race and continues to be an uplifting voice for the oppressed. She also takes the time to educate herself and her children more about what’s happening and urge them to express their views.

Through Coûteux Cheveux, Chanelle reaches out to all clients who are working endlessly to seek change. She wants to connect with people from all walks of life who take the stand for morality, ethics, and beauty.

You can contact the company by visiting the Coûteux Cheveux website for more information about the services and products available. And make sure to like and follow their Facebook page here to see ratings and reviews from customers.

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