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Custom cake packaging boxes




Cakes are a name of happiness. The creamy surface and scrumptious layers are like a dream came true. The flavors of cakes never fail to amaze your taste buds. This utmost package of happiness needs an impressive Packaging also to double the worth and taste. Custom Packaging of cake boxes play an enormous role in keeping your taste buds craving for more sweet. Custom packaging has become and important part of food industry with a lot more variety of texture, taste and colors etc.

Wholesale custom boxes for cakes provide a wide range of shapes and sizes for the cake manufacturers. Custom boxes wholesale and retail both let the cake manufacturers come UpTo the expectations of the consumers with a variation in designs and an abundance in quantity.

Types of custom cake packaging boxes:

There are different types of cake boxes;

  1. Single flip cardboard cake boxes:

Made of cardboard material, these boxes are the most common and traditional boxes for cakes. They come in all sizes ranging from 1 pond to the extent that one wants. They are protective and light weight and provide the cakes the required protection.

  1. Window cake boxes:

Windows are often inserted in the cake boxes to give a glimpse of cake and to beautify the looks of the package. The windows are covered with plastic covers to save the inside material from any damage.

  1. Metallic boxes for cakes:

To give a royal look to the cakes, some bakeries use metallic boxes for keeping cakes. The have a heat and water resistant inside layer that allows the cakes to stay fresh for longer period of times. These boxes keep the cakes safe from getting rust and bacteria or air particles inside them.

  1. Silver paper cake holder:

This new innovation includes making the cake to stand or putting it on the silver paper covered stand. The stand itself is of rigid material. Most of the custom cakes now a days are made by this way or method.

  1. Rigid cake boxes:

Some cake boxes are of rigid stock and in them the cakes are placed. These rigid boxes keep the cake totally safe and protected from outer factors and retain it’s quality along with shape.

Benefits of cake boxes:

The cake boxes hold a lot of benefits in them.

  1. They protect the cake from damage and keep the cream intact.
  2. They save the texture and sweetness of the cake from being attacked by small particles and insects.
  3. They make it possible for cakes to be delivered over long distances.
  4. The secondary or Tertiary packaging of the cakes is done with a purpose to give maximum protection to the cakes.
  5. The boxes help in delivering or transporting cakes over distances because of the durable qualities of the stock of the boxes.

Customization of the cakes:

Cakes now a days are customized tot heir maximum extent. Even the bakeries compete in this matter and try to surpass others in this race. The specific lines written on the boxes come in it’s customization. It is a birthday party and you write a birthday wish on it, it is a wedding anniversary and you write a wedding wish on it, it is a welcome party or a farewell and you write the respective statements on it, this all is customization that infact doubles the excitement and happiness of an event. Further, candles, cards, shimmers, shiners and ribbons etc. may also be added in customization package and cakes may be enjoyed fully.