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Specialized Custom Packing for High-Value Arts



custom packaging

If you need to pack high-value arts then you can use specialized custom packing for this. High-value products need care and need to be packed carefully. This is because you do not want any damage occurring to them. This damage can cause much loss. It will even make your customer dissatisfied with your business. If you want to know more about specialized custom packing for high-value arts then continue reading on.

A custom sized box

A huge benefit of custom packaging is that you can get a box that is sized according to what you need to send. This is something that matters much when wanting to transport goods and when wanting to keep them safe. Due to the fact that you will want to keep your high-value art safe, you can get a box that will fit this in perfectly. You can measure the size of the artwork and get a box that will fit this in properly. You do not want much movement to occur during the journey. You will also need to think about what filler material to use. You can use bubble wrap if this will help keep your product safe.

Packaging unframed paintings

If your high-value artwork includes unframed paintings you can follow the below for the specialized custom packing:

  • Avoid directly touching the artwork. You can use tissue paper or maybe photography white cotton gloves for this.
  • The piece can be wrapped in good acid-free tissue paper. If you want more protection against moisture you can wrap your artwork with plastic.
  • After this, you can fold four pieces of some acid-free tissue paper. This should be into triangles and with one side open. The triangles can be placed on every corner of the work. This is because of these aid in securing the peace, particularly to some strong backing material.
  • Then, taping only upon the paper corners that you just made, you can mount the wrapped piece using tape. This can be done to sturdy cardboard or even foam core.
  • Put a few layers consisting of cardboard upon both sides of your newly secured piece. Then tape these pieces together.
  • Coming on to the outside cover of the packaging, take two pieces consisting of corrugated cardboard. Then place the piece specifically in between them moreover securely tape all sides. If you wish to have more protection, you can use a mirror box.

Packing framed paintings

Custom packaging boxes that are strong can be used to pack framed paintings in. Do the below:

  • Find a sturdy box or you can build a crate which will fit the piece. There can be 3 inches of space present on every side of the frame.
  • Using acid-free tissue paper, you can wrap the artwork carefully.
  • Get bubble wrap to wrap the piece in. Be sure that there is adequate coverage present on the corners as they are most likely to get damaged when transportation is occurring,
  • Place a good layer of foam or the packaging material that you want in the box. This is to create a layer that you can rest the frame on.
  • All open areas that are surrounding the piece can be packed with the help of packing material. Remember that the snugger you make the fit, then the less the likelihood for damage. It is your main aim that that high-value art does not get damaged.

If it is necessary you can ensure the piece for both cases above. You can also get fragile labels that can be put on the box. This will let others know that there is something precious inside the box.

Packing a sculpture that needs to be shipped

You may have a high-value sculpture that needs to be shipped. This will need to be packed. You can do the below:

  • Get bubble wrap that you can unroll and put this around the upper half area of the sculpture. Do this two times. Remember to only wrap half the sculpture now. Cut your bubble wrap then secure this using tape. The top of your bubble wrap can be overlapped. This is so that it keeps the top of your sculpture safe. Secure it using tape.
  • Now you can wrap the bubble wrap particularly around the bottom half area of the sculpture. Do this two times. The bubble wrap should be overlapped in the middle slightly. You can cut the bubble wrap [ then secure it using tape down the side as well as around the middle at the place that the two pieces overlap. Overlap the bottom allowing it to protect the bottom area of your sculpture. Secure using tape.
  • When you have done the above you can fill the box up around ⅓ of the way using shredded paper. A hole should be made in the middle area of the shredded paper allowing you to set your sculpture down within the middle of it. Now set your culture down within the shredded paper. Fill the remaining area of the box using shredded paper. Be sure to securely pack shredded paper around your sculpture. This should be done so that no movement occurs during shipment.

After the above has been done you can tape your box closed. The address can be put on the label. You can affix the shipping label, particularly to the box. Place some tape that it is over the shipping label. This is so that it will not get accidentally pulled out when shipping is occurring. You can use a custom wooden crate when you want to pack artworks like a sculpture, huge-sized paintings, as well as fragile items.

When wanting to pack high-value arts you need to be careful and invest in this. You do not want any sort of damage to occur to your precious pieces. Custom packaging boxes wholesale can be gotten that you can put the artwork in. If you want to you can even design the boxes in such a way that they look good and make your customer happy.