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Cut and Style: The Charles Shumate Way



When it comes to hair, Charles Shumate– the creative behind Who’s Your Barber, The Hair Historian, and Phat Fades Barber Shop, does not disappoint. Anyone who’s looking for an up-to-date, high quality, all around barber service should take note of this name.  

It’s no surprise that given his more than 20 years of committed experience, Charles has become an award-winning and licensed Master Barber. He frequents congresses, seminars, expos, and trade shows, looking for inspiration, new technology, and refining his knowledge to stay on top of his game. In his own right, he is a visionary and an innovator.  

Home to several Fortune500 companies, it’s no surprise that Charles set his enterprise in Chicago, Illinois. With its welcoming spirit and atmosphere, Who’s Your Barber in the heart of River West, is a loft type sanctuary of modern, contemporary, and industrial design, made for its select clientele. It is an executive grooming lounge right smack in the middle of busy Chicago. Architecture wise, it boasts of a 20-foot ceiling, exposed brick, and timber wood beams, with a massive 80-inch television for entertainment, as if the barber isn’t great enough. Lowlights and serene period furnishings finish the space off. While casually relaxing in the beautiful loft, a fully stocked bar becomes the cherry on top of the entire experience. It is most definitely fit for a king.  

Charles offers a wide range of barber services for its multi-cultural, diverse clientele. They cater to a multitude of hair types, styles, and textures with excellence and precision. No cut is too short, and no loc is too tight. Every person coming through the doors will have a personalized, satisfying experience like no other. Both men and women may experience their comprehensive menu of both traditional and ultramodern services.  

A person’s crowning glory deserves nothing but the best and more. Charles provides other services for cutting hair, grooming beards, and giving hot towel shaves. For those with pseudofolliculitis and keloidalis nuchae, treatments are also in place, along with hydro force hydration, thermal scrubs, facials, and whole-body treatments.  

His 23-year experience in the industry has also paved the way for a welcome contribution to solving the problem of hair loss, especially among younger individuals. Thus, he spearheaded The Hair Historian. An extension of Who’s Your Barber, it provides Scalp Micropigmentation services. It is the latest and greatest hair loss substitute for both men and women. Proud of its non-invasive treatment strategy, it uses detailed microneedles and an organic, carbon-based ink that deposits the pigments into the scalp creating an illusion of hair density. The result is the creation of the appearance of tiny hair follicles or short hair stubbles. This is one of the best substitutes for those with receding hairlines, balding patterns, hair thinning, scar camouflage, and alopecia. He is grooming confidence from both within and out. 

No matter the cut, whatever the style, be it locs, slick backs, buzz cuts to pompadours, dare we ask, “Who’s Your Barber?”

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