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Cyber Threat Issues faced by Call Centers



Cyber Threat

Cyber threat issues have always been a great cause of concern for the call centers. With the change in time and emergence of new technologies, keeping a check on cybercrime has become an essential need to consider for effective business performance. BPO call center today not only follows the traditional telephony system but also offer services through other diversified mediums. This is where the threat of cyber issue arise.

BPOs today look after your customer support along with keeping a check on web-enabled services, call answering services, order taking, inquiry handling, help desk, customer survey, information verification services, etc. In the range of looking after several of these services with the use of a computer device and internet, the possibility of cyber-crime has increased considerably, highlighting the need to check any threat possibility for efficient results.

In today’s era of advanced service offerings, call centers have become vulnerable to some security threats. This climaxes the utmost importance of all organizations using internet-based services to have adequate security measures to boost business performance.

Check out as we collect the threats that your call center might face:

Data theft issues

Data is of utmost significance to every company and there is no denying the fact. Most of the call centers face data theft issues, which is why companies hesitate to outsourcing to BPOs.

Since call centers deal with numerous customers around the globe, which makes data such as payment details and customer information available to the employee all over the company as per requirement. This is where the possibility of threat concerns arise.

Therefore, it is important to have strict security practices for the customers and agents so that any possibility do not get a way out. BPOs need to have encryption techniques and secure passwords to protect the data from reaching the attackers causing financial and image damage of the customer and the business respectively.

Cyber threat mainly takes place using the internet, thus security assurance is mandatory.

Physical security threat

Call centers several times are operated from different parts of the world, which demand access to the data over the internet. Organizations generally share their data through online platforms and online hackers majorly look for a chance over these channels.

Breach issues are mainly easy when a call center has low-security standards, which leads to easier hacking of the business information.

To keep a check, the BPO call center needs to make guidelines to prevent unauthorized access of the business personal information to any person.

Threat from misdialing

The threat of misdialing is common in all call centers. It takes place when in-house employees risk the call center data and sell to other fraudulent companies that use the statistics for misleading the business customers.

Even the change of a single digit can be hazardous to the company, thus it is crucial to inform the customers’ prior of the suspicious activities so that they are aware of any possibility of fake calls.

Threat from Telephony Denial-of-Service (TDoS)

TDoS attacks are mainly bank and business-centric, where the attackers make several calls to the business so that companies are confused handling them for some time. These threats may be a demand for money to stop the attack and save the business from such an issue.

However, to check this threat, firewalls can filter the incoming calls and further redirect the calls to know of the possible issue. These attacks are executed from certain IP addresses, which for safety can be blocked by proper security measures in use.

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