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Da_Chad Spreads Hope in the Face of His Own Struggles



Life throws some really mean curveballs at times that rocks us to our very center. Those days when just waking up feels so hard and fills us with hurt and dread of facing the day. It takes a lot of courage to refuse to be crushed when tragedy hits, but to be a beacon of hope during it all is the stuff of Heroes. And that is precisely what Da_Chad is.

Chad “Da_Chad” Ehlers is an all American from Louisiana who recently lay aside his nursing career to become a full-time influencer. His wife from his first marriage suffered from depression, and one day decided to take her life, making him a single father with a teenage daughter full-time. After her death, Chad struggled with severe bouts of depression and alcoholism to deal with his wife’s passing at such a young age. Despite all he was dealing with, he had to find the will to go on. After several years, Chad met someone with whom he had another child – he considers it one of the greatest blessings of his life to have another daughter.

However, life wasn’t done throwing its curveballs in his direction: On July 15 of last year, his 2-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. For the second time in his life, he felt the entire world was collapsing in on him. The feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness were overwhelming.

Somehow, in one of the toughest battles of his life, Chad has found strength right there amid his daughter’s battle with leukemia, and it has helped him to carry on yet again.

“Da_Chad” Ehlers is the founder of the Chad Change, a movement that involves multiple groups of influencers that work daily to spread love and positivity throughout all social media platforms. It is a safe place for people who are hurting and in need of inspiration. Chad has an incredible and deliberate leadership style, which is clearly seen in how he leads his group in using the expression of dance to help them build confidence.

“I want to show people that your past or even present situation does not define you, but what you actively do for another individual’s future defines who you are as a person.”

He has touched so many lives with his loyalty to the Chad Change, his talents, genuine charm, and bright smile – Chad always has a smile for everyone.

Chad has used his own personal tragedy to create a space for triumph. Through overcoming the suicide of his young spouse, raising a teenage daughter on his own, to now being the father of a toddler who has leukemia, Chad knows first-hand what it’s like to overcome difficulties and triumph in the end.  As a result of Chad’s challenges, he has chosen to use his pain and turn it into purpose. Chad has innovatively created a safe online support group consisting of over 300 members worldwide. All receiving regular inspiration and motivation to help with their daily struggles and needs. Many have said how the Chad Change movement has supported them through their most difficult and trying times, even saving lives!

The Chad Change movement actively supports different charities or families found through social media every month. Chad has become one of TikTok’s most popular creators, raising funds through live programs and social media accounts. He believes in giving without expectation, even if it’s just a smile, as you never know who needs it.

Everyone has a story or a hard time in their life that they have been through, and every person has the ability to save lives by telling their story. Chad hopes to continue influencing the world, Spreading positivity and smiles using the power of music and dance to inspire.

“No one is beyond hope, but the first step is believing that and then being that to others. I want to inspire others to be the change, to give hope, spread love, and positivity without expecting anything in return.”

Learn more about Da_Chad and his charities here.

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