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Dani Konstantinovich, Founder at Mediavinci Solutions, Shares 3 Client Acquisition Tips That Any Service Based Business Can Implement




Dani Konstantinovich is the founder of Media Vinci Solutions. Currently, Mediavinci Solutions is working with any business that is offering a service to clients. What they do is turn these businesses into authorities and experts by getting them featured in the media, then in turn helps them leverage that credibility with authentic lead-generation campaigns.

Here we speak with Dani to learn how you can do this for yourself.


How did you get your start?

I started my digital marketing agency when I realized just how much money service-based businesses like Financial advisors and Law Firms were leaving on the table by not tapping into the opportunities that the digital marketplace provides.


What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you at the start of your career?

I wish my network taught me the absolute importance of building credibility, becoming an expert and positioning yourself as an authority at what you do before actually marketing your business.

This is so that people you reach out to and people who end up doing their research on you instantly see, that unlike 99% of business pitches they receive, yours is backed by credibility from premium media sites, which in turn makes prospects more confident and willing to work with you.

I believe this is a key to standing out in the marketplace and leveraging a powerful competitive advantage.

What’s the X-factor when it comes to starting a business and being an entrepreneur?

Being in business as a marketing agency and helping my clients succeed I’ve distilled 3 important steps that service-based businesses should take to predictably grow their firm and attain as much business as they can handle.

Step 1. Position yourself as an authority and expert at what you do.

You can always tell people how great you are at what you do. But the real key is having 3rd party credibility from large media outlets confirm this for you. That’s why investing in PR is absolutely key before you do anything else when it comes to marketing.

Step 2. Put your business out there, but make sure to offer an easy first step.

Now that you’re an expert you have a superior competitive advantage when it comes to marketing your business. From here we recommend you create an easy first step, your client can take to understand how you can help them. And this can best be done with things like a free webinar, or my personal favorite a free ebook in exchange for their email.

Step 3. Put out helpful content to increase trust and engage them to talk to you about doing business.

Once you have captured your prospect’s information, like their email or phone number, you can start by putting out valuable content that educates them into understanding the value of what you do and how you can help them.


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