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Darrin Smith Teaches How to Begin Investing in Real Estate



Investing in real estate can be lucrative, but it can also be intimidating to get into, especially for someone who has little to no experience and knowledge about the industry. Sometimes people get overwhelmed by the amount of work they might need to put in. Sometimes they also assume that they need large amounts of money to get into real estate investment or that they need a license or construction experience. Darrin Smith is here to prove that anyone can start earning through real estate investments.

Darrin Smith has been investing in real estate since 2012 while working a fulltime job. Over the years, he has flipped over 400 properties, including wholesaling and renovating. He also owns a few rental properties. With several years of experience, Darrin has gained a unique insight into how a regular person can earn through investing in the real estate market. 

Darrin Smith started his company, 9 to 5 Flipping, to help others get started in real estate investment. He holds live masterclasses to teach other aspiring investors around the country. Like many of his students, Darrin had minimal experience in real estate before he started investing. He began his investing journey without a large amount of money. Darrin couldn’t spend the majority of his time on real estate because he had a full-time job. Despite these perceived setbacks, Darrin Smith still earned a considerable amount of money from real estate each month to supplement his job salary.

At 9 to 5 Flipping, Darrin Smith equips his students with the tools they need. Based on his experience, Darrin teaches them how to invest in real estate without having to quit a regular job. He offers a four-day intensive course that provides in-depth training and action items that the students work on before each class. This combination of high-quality training and hands-on homework has given his students the results they want. Through Darrin’s courses, he has helped over 400 students earn additional income through real estate. And because Darrin knows that aspiring real estate investors may have questions. He has made it reasonably easy for them to contact him, making his services accessible for many people.

Through the courses available at 9 to 5 Flipping, Darrin Smith provides a way for people to invest in real estate with little to no money, with little or no credit, and without having to leave a full-time job. He also teaches people how to invest without having to physically be at the property or without meeting the seller face to face.

Going into real estate has helped Darrin Smith pay off his debts and has enabled him to grow financially, securing his future economic needs. Throughout his years of success, he has stayed authentic. Darrin says, “I have worked hard for what I have, and now I want to help others also achieve growth through real estate. People think they need money or good credit to get started, and that’s not true. Anyone can get into real estate investment.”

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