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Dawnmarie Deshaies: From Disease to Wellness, the Inspiring Positivity Coach Shares the Ups and Downs of Her Story



Dawnmarie Deshaies is no stranger to success; she’s a multifaceted woman who is known for many notable careers. She is an acclaimed wellness coach, author, and CEO of her own wellness non-profit organization called Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC, an organization that seeks to provide a path to wellness for autoimmune communities by pushing for an active lifestyle, fitness, and healthy foods. 

She has reached out to thousands of individuals within communities that have been suffering from certain autoimmune diseases. Dawnmarie Deshaies isn’t an outsider among these communities. Prior to becoming a wellness coach, she went through her own personal health battles and emotional struggles. For decades her life was greatly affected by a chronic autoimmune disease called Multiple Sclerosis. 

Her condition would come back over and over again. Each time would be drastically different from the last. Dawnmarie Deshaies would severely suffer from her underlying condition, and at one point, she even came close to dying. Although, despite the many obstacles that she had to face, she never wavered and instead used it as a strength to overcome her battles.

She eventually became her own advocate as she took the time to learn and understand the disease that had been plaguing her for countless years. It was there, and then that Dawnmarie Deshaies would finally take control of her personal health journey as she finally understood more about her disease. She went onwards to a path of personal self-care and well-being and shared her knowledge about the autoimmune disease that she had just conquered all by herself.

Thus, Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC was established. She used her company to help other individuals who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. She utilizes her platform to reach out to thousands of people who are looking to improve their health and wellness. Dawnmarie Deshaies helps foster a positive community of wellness allies so that others may improve their lives through mindfulness, restoration, and productive daily positivity.

Dawnmarie Deshaies also has her very own podcast that helps spread awareness regarding Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. Her podcast is called Live with Dawnmarie, which is a twice-weekly podcast available on Spotify and Apple. 

Her podcast features experts from all around the world who provide insights and information about Multiple Sclerosis and various autoimmune diseases. She also discusses health and wellness, as well as life coaching through her podcast. Live with Dawnmarie has been featured in an article by New York Weekly awarding it as one of the Top 15 Podcasts of 2020.

Dawnmarie Deshaies also published her most recent book entitled “Finding the Sun Through the Clouds.” The book is a remarkable autobiography that recounts the 50-year journey of Dawnmarie as she dealt with the most difficult battle in her life, such as heartbreak and disease. The book gives readers an in-depth look at the life of a magnificent woman from early childhood to the present day.

The book is a gripping rollercoaster of emotions from the sad and tragic lows to the uplifting highs of the life and times of Dawnmarie Deshaies. Throughout the years, she has continued to spread awareness about the disease that seemed like a phantom from the shadows. Dawnmarie has never let her affliction get the best of her as she adamantly shares her life experiences in incredible detail, spilling out from every page of her latest book.

Dawnmarie Dehsaies continues to be a great inspiration for everyone. Her life story is a story of struggle and success. She is a clear authority on health and wellness coaching as she has been through it all. She is an inspirational woman through and through, and many people’s lives have been touched by her fascinating story.

To know more about Dawnmarie Deshaies, make sure to visit her official website.

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