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Dean La Grange’s Facebook Advertising Expertise



Having a Facebook advertising agency is beneficial to the boom of an eCommerce business. Upon deciding that taking on a partnership is the best move, what is there to do next? The most significant first step to take is to weigh the available options to address the online store’s business needs.

La Grange Digital develops interactive campaigns and programs that bring prospects from cold traffic to piping-hot leads, which deliver consistent customers to online business doorsteps every week. They do these by diligently crafting a custom funnel experience for the client’s audience, so they easily slide from potential to closed sale. All these are primarily driven by the company’s unparalleled dedication to online advertising and its goal of making online businesses thrive by way of supervising and scaling both Facebook and Instagram advertising advances.

Dean La Grange founded La Grange Digital to make Facebook advertising within reach to direct-to-consumer eCommerce businesses. Through years of trial and error, he developed a formula for generating over a hundred million dollars in revenue for his clients via useful Facebook and Instagram advertising blitzes. It’s Dean’s passion to improve each campaign to connect his clients with more customers. Despite his company’s growth, he stays involved with each project from start to finish — from beginning creative, to campaign reporting, to refinement, and up to scaling.

Throughout his advertising journey, Dean has been working with some of the largest known brands and companies — University of California San Diego, MIT Professional Educational Programs, BPI Sports Nutrition, Nudie Jeans Co. – Lone Flag, and Center for Healthy Eating and Activity Research (CHEAR) Program, to name a few.

Dean’s advertising agency wants to reach out to the wider business-to-client (B2C) eCommerce markets. Much assistance and guidance are given through focus on proof of concepts and profitable scaling of ad campaigns. La Grange Digital centers on delivering required outcomes via Facebook advertising. In case their customer wants more leads, website clicks, and visits, new clients, or revenue, Dean’s reputable company has a ready advertising framework and proven formula that ensures success.

Throughout Dean’s journey in advertising, his most notable accomplishments include working with some of the largest brands and organizations. He has collaborated with UC San Diego CHEAR Research Programs, MIT Professional Education Programs,  BPI Sports Nutrition, Lone Flag, Nudie Jeans, Ferguson Enterprises, and Panoramic – Most Innovative Doors.

La Grange Digital unites its tried-and-tested techniques with customized strategies based on unique client values and goals. They take much pride in providing industry-tops work that enables their clients to break in to, grow within, and eventually dominate their market sphere. They are at their prime when establishing brand placement, sales generation, developing brand awareness, increasing conversions and multiple lead channels, and creating a topnotch framework.

Nearly everything is in the digital world right now. Organizations are joining the bandwagon, wanting to have their piece of online adventure. But doing so requires so much daily grind. It’s not as simple as printing an ad on a tarp and sticking it on the sides of the vehicle for unhindered visibility.

La Grange Digital’s business model and advertising expertise have proven that they can do the job of bringing online businesses to greater heights and farther reach. Dean’s mission is, “Here to love. Serve. Stick to the plan.” And with this mantra, he is able to bring his business and others to the top of their market.

For more information, visit the La Grange Digital website and follow Dean La Grange on Instagram.

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