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DeezNuts: The New Celebrity-Backed, Must-Own and Purposeful Coin



One crypto asset that is currently taking the internet by storm at the moment is DeezNuts. Not only is it new and attractive, but it is also filled with immense potential and is connected to a good and charitable cause. The coin went public today, and celebrities have been endorsing it left and right.

DeezNuts Crypto, from all indications, is taking over the social media world as the next must-have crypto asset. At the moment, every crypto merchant and trader has already massively invested and accumulated as many as possible. And even people who are not crypto savvy want to get in on the coin because of the endorsements from A-list celebrities. DeezNuts is the latest meme coin and has gone viral on Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok, a feat that not many crypto assets have achieved. 

Celebrities, investors, and traders have spent millions of dollars on the dollars on the coin, and as a result, it’s introductory price of $0.000008 is already up 15x right off the bat. Which is why everyone should get in on the craze immediately. 

Another fantastic thing about DeezNuts to note is that a percentage of the coin will go into testicular and prostate cancer research. This, according to the creators, is their little way of contributing to health research and possibly fast-tracking the cure for prostate cancer. 

On top of that, their service fees will direct a small portion of every transaction will be reinvested into the business to ensure consistent growth and scalability over time, which is good news for the users. This great cause and benefit is why celebrities and social media influencers are promoting DeezNuts everywhere.

For interested traders who want to get on the DeezNuts train, the coin is currently listed on Pancake Swap and is in collaboration with Binance. 

While speaking about the goal for the coin, the creators highlighted their commitment toward raising the sum of $2 million for testicular and prostate cancer research and also achieve their goal of becoming the most viral cryptocurrency in the market. These are no small feats to achieve, but considering how well the coin is doing, this goal is well within reach already.

Follow their progress and get on the hype train using DeezNuts’ token address, 0x01921a94e68f8d54f33c5d6f71d6664c35e33269. To find out how to buy and where to input that address, go to their official website, where the steps are thoroughly explained. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to know more.


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