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Delta Effex Introduces Delta 10 THC to Hemp Users for Better and Improved Effects



With marijuana being a hot topic over the last few years, companies have sprung up and taken positions in the potentially thriving industry. Operating from Irvine, California, Delta Effex was established as a subsidiary of Savage Enterprises, a manufacturer and seller of nicotine vape products. Savage Enterprises sought to stake its presence in the hemp, THC, and cannabidiol business by establishing Delta Effex to create hemp-derived products.

The company started operations with high-quality Delta 8 vape production using a blend of terpenes and hemp. After getting a deluge of requests from customers for hemp-derived products, the company made a pivot to the production of edibles and tinctures. Shortly after, it introduced its Euphorica Collection, which focuses on Delta 10 THC, a more advanced derivation of hemp, and has continued to evolve by expanding its catalog and listening to customers’ demands.

Delta Effex’s motto is “Experience The Higher Standard” It strives to deliver that higher standard to its customers through its hemp-derived plant-based products.

In the words of the founder, “We strongly believe that hemp is the future, and we are working on positioning ourselves properly for when marijuana will become legalized on a federal level. We want Delta Effex to be in a pole position to take a huge chunk of the market share.”

Delta Effex thrives on maintaining its standards and raising the bar with its products. Its extensive product line includes Guava Purp – Delta 8 THC Disposable Pen, Strawberry Cough – Delta 8 THC Cartridge, and Hawaiian Haze – Delta 10 THC Cartridge. Delta Effex remains one of the first companies to introduce Delta 10 THC to the market. It also created the highly sought-after Euphoria Collection by enriching its Delta 8 THC with Delta 10 THC. Delta Effex aims to ensure that customers get the uplifting high that they seek while enjoying all the numerous benefits that Delta 10 offers which many people aren’t aware of.

“The goal is to deliver “body high” from Delta 8 and “head high” from Delta 10 THC. Customers enjoy the wholesome experience, and we are committed to delivering that to them,” founder Chris Wheeler says.

The company targets millennials looking to enjoy the psychoactive effects of Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC. Some cannabis and CBD enthusiasts have also tried to satisfy their curiosity with its products and have been sold on becoming returning customers. Delta Effex’s success can be traced back to the experience carried over from the parent company, which started as a vape manufacturer. The founders understand the terrain and are leveraging that experience to create strategic products that are sure to be winners in the THC and hemp industry. This experience has given Delta Effex the much-needed advantage over many new entrants and even existing companies in the industry.

With continuous evolution and growth, Delta Effex is expected to become a major producer of a combination of CBD and Delta 8 and 10 THC products. The plan also includes introducing unfamiliar cannabinoids like THCV, THCA, CBG, CBN, etc. Over the next five years, Delta Effex hopes to be an industry leader paving the way for many other companies.

“The hemp industry itself is always evolving, and we are more than ready to adapt with it,” the founder asserts.

Learn more about Delta Effex on the official website or follow the official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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