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Design and specifications of lost mary 3500 puffs – Vape Online Store



If you’ve used disposable vapes for some time, you’re probably used to their practicality. The comfort of the use of Lost Mary vapes is identical; they are ready to use right out of the package. The Elf Bar lost mary 3500 puffs do not have any charging ports, despite the fact that the BM3500 and BM5000 are rechargeable. The latter two cannot be sold in the UK, though.

Lost Elf Bar The 550mAh internal battery in Mary BM600s lasts for the same number of puffs (600) as the e-liquid inside. You won’t run out of vape juice before you run out of power! Each vape pod contains 2ml of e-liquid with 20mg of nic salt strength.

Here are the build-in design and its features

Comparatively speaking to the majority of other disposable vape pods, the device is relatively small and light. Although disposable vape pods are normally small, the Elf Bar Lost Mary reduces height while preserving a fashionable appearance. A lost mary 3500 puffs vape pod has a mouthpiece that protrudes 3″ and is 1 3/4″ broad, 2 3/4″ tall, and 1″ thick.

 Vapes like the Lost Mary are ideal for covert use because of their little size. Inside a closed fist, the vape pod entirely vanishes. Elf Bar Lost Mary vapes are still a dependable option if you want to flaunt your flashy new vape pod in front of the audience. There is obviously some elegance to the glossy, vibrant appearance. The vape pod’s smooth texture is attractive and comfortable to hold in the hand.


Advantages of Lost mary vape

  1.   The battery life is one of its first strengths. The e-cigar lasts longer than two hours before requiring recharging. Even with a low battery, the electronic cigarette works properly.
  1.   Second, this device can be used anywhere you choose because it doesn’t smell unpleasant and doesn’t emit smoke when used. The Elf Bar Lost Mary Energy 3500 Disposable can be brought along on trips so you always have something to do when there isn’t anything else to do.


Mouthwatering flavours of Lost mary disposable vape

As we mentioned above, there are 17 amazing flavours available. The lost mary 3500 puffs of Elf Bar products features an abundance of flavours, just like the rest of their offerings. There are plenty of mouthwatering fruity flavours available for you to enjoy. You may choose from 24 scrumptious Lost Mary flavours at Vape Online Store Direct. If you’re unsure where to begin, here is our top-choice Lost Mary flavour for Elf Bars:


Watermelon Ice

Ripe watermelon’s sweet, juicy flavour will bring back memories of your favourite summer getaway. With its flawless blending of summer fruit and chilly menthol, this Lost Mary flavour is without a doubt the champion. Each of the red watermelon’s sweet notes is balanced by an icy chilly undertone, and the aftertaste lingers for a while.


Do Lost Mary Vapes work well for quitting smoking?

One of the greatest quit smoking methods with the lowest relapse rate is vaping. But not all e-cigarettes are created equal: Some devices let you switch seamlessly between smoking and blowing electronic device clouds, while others force you to rely more on your willpower than the method itself.

 Lost Elf Bar Both novices and former smokers should consider Mary vapes. The 20mg nicotine level combined with the smooth throat hit stimulates the smoking experience while excluding the harmful carbon monoxide and tar. The nicotine content of a cigarette is relatively high, which is what makes it addictive. The strong nicotine level of lost mary 3500 puffs matches this, readily satisfying your needs without burning tobacco. You’ll wish you had switched to vaping versus smoking much sooner because the list of flavours will make your nicotine rush even more pleasurable.


Final verdict

It’s a cutting-edge disposable vape that redefines how compact a vape product can become, and it also works well to help people stop smoking. The high nicotine level of an Elf Barlost mary 3500 puffs vape can help you avoid the need to smoke cigarettes while also giving you a delightful, tar- and carbon-monoxide-free rush of fruity goodness. This should definitely be added to your Stoptober buying list because of its affordable price. In order to assist you in your efforts to stop smoking, Vapor Shop Direct offers you exclusive discounts on Lost Mary vapes.