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Design by Maria Bella, a Passion-Fueled Online Boutique Committed to Quality and Style



For the hundreds of millions of mothers in the world, raising children has proven to be no easy task. The time, effort, resources, and the heart it requires often lead to women solely committing themselves to childrearing. But, changes in the economic and technological space have made it more feasible for moms to pursue their own personal and professional goals while simultaneously going all-out in providing a home for their children. Maria Bowen, the founder of Design by Maria Bella, demonstrates that it is possible to ace as a mother and dominate the commercial space at the same time. 

Design by Maria Bella is a mom-owned online boutique that is a product of its founder’s long-time dream and passion for fashion. Ever since she was young, Maria Bowen has had a deep appreciation for the power of apparel and accessories in making people feel like the best version of themselves. Over the years, this appreciation transformed to what would eventually fuel the establishment of a venture dedicated to top-notch quality, utility, and affordability. 

Today, Design by Maria Bella stands as an emerging mainstay in the fashion scene. As a dream made into reality with the support of her husband and their three boys, this passion-driven venture serves as a channel where Maria Bowen could share her love for the craft. Additionally, it acts as her medium for empowering those who have goals they want to fulfill and the futures they want to achieve.

Boasting handpicked pieces from an array of emerging designers as well as prestigious fashion-forward brands, Design by Maria Bella speaks of Maria’s keen eye for fashion. Every item in the inventory of this rising venture is guaranteed to be someone’s instant favorite and addition to their closets. 

At Design by Maria Bella, people from all walks of life are assured of finding pieces that could help them feel beautiful in their own skin. Since its establishment, it has managed to impress customers and industry peers alike not only for its ability to cater to those with varied preferences but also for its religious adherence to quality control. Furthermore, it has established solid relationships with customers because of its consistency in delivering an elite shopping experience.

On top of boosting people’s closets with the latest trendy pieces, Design by Maria Bella has been sending across a powerful message to budding mompreneurs. Through this business, Maria Bowen emphasizes the fact mothers can have a life outside of the four corners of their living rooms, kitchens, etc. She sheds light on women’s admirable capabilities apart from nurturing their children and building a home of love.

Maria Bowen hopes to push Design by Maria Bella toward the forefront of the fashion scene and entrepreneurial space in the coming years. Armed with big dreams and a passion for top-notch and stylish items, she aims to have more and more people fall in love with her clothing and use these pieces to transform into the best versions of themselves.  

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