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4 Productivity Tips for Remote Workers



4 Productivity Tips for Remote Workers

Organize your own time and allowing you to save money on commutes, there are nonetheless a few drawbacks. Namely, with all distractions that can arise during the day, it can be quite hard for you to keep your productivity up, which can be quite stressful at times. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can implement into your life that will undoubtedly make sure that you have everything under control.

1. Set your surroundings in order before you start work

Doing things such as getting dressed and making your bed in the morning can do wonders for you, and they will have a huge impact on your productivity throughout the day. And while it may sound silly, in reality doing simple things such as these and grabbing those little “victories” will make every other difficulty that you come up against that day a little easier to overcome. However, you shouldn’t just stop there. It can also be a good idea to do all of the other little or big chores you have before you even start work, as it will put your thoughts at ease, eliminating distractions and giving you the ability to fully focus on your work.

2. Have a workspace

Having a dedicated space within your home that you work in is another great idea for maximizing your productivity. While it doesn’t have to be a fully decked-out office, you should find someplace that you can use strictly for work where your brain can say “OK, break time is over. Time to get things done”. If available, you should also see that there is a proper door separating your workspace from the rest of your home, as it will further allow you to distinguish the work time from your other activities.

3. Eliminate distractions

One of the most difficult parts of working from the comfort of your home is trying to eliminate all distractions that constantly keep popping up. The TV, internet, friends, and family can all cause you to lose focus and easily justify to yourself why you should take “a few minutes’” break. This is especially difficult when your friends and family don’t really think of working from home as proper work, which is why you must make it clear to them that it is, and that there are parts of the day when it would be best for them to leave you alone.

However, the biggest distraction and the biggest cause for procrastination in today’s world will most likely be your phone. With research showing that an average American checks their phone as many as 80 times per day, it’s obviously becoming an ever increasing problem. While the easiest solution for this may be to just turn it off when you are working, the chance of you actually doing so is quite unlikely as you may require it for work or may need to be reachable for other personal reasons. There is actually an easier solution for this with many phone companies like Apple giving you the ability to effectively manage your iPhone screen time by setting limits for certain apps or scheduling downtime from your screen, allowing you to use your phone while making sure that you aren’t overusing it.

4. Make a schedule and stick to it

Even though working from home allows you to escape the predetermined work routine that you had to organize your life around, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon the idea of a schedule as a whole. As a matter of fact, having a schedule and a routine you eventually build up by sticking to it can be one of the biggest boosts not only to your productivity but wellbeing as well.

If you are able to organize your time well, you are going to start seeing that it’s easier for you to get yourself to be productive. In addition, you will also start realizing that you have more proper free time as well since most of our days are spent in procrastination when we really should be getting things done. While it’s undoubtedly going to be hard to stick to a schedule at first, the only thing that’s really important is that you don’t give up. If you feel like you just can’t keep up, you shouldn’t be afraid to be a bit more realistic and aim lower until you have something that you can consistently achieve and further build on.


Having the ability to work from your home is one of the truly amazing things about the world we live in. And, while there are certain obstacles to overcome, in the end, it can set your mind straight, you will be able to fully take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that has been given to you and live life to its fullest.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.