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Achieving Success As a Digital Content Creator; The Tal Revivo Way



Achieving Success As a Digital Content Creator; The Tal Revivo Way

Tal Revivo is a digital marketing strategist and content creator who’s worked with major brands such as Levi’s and helped them scale their business through social media platforms. 

Tal wasn’t always the prominent digital marketer he is today. 

The Journey 

Tal’s journey to success began when he took a trip to South America. Before the trip, Tal bought a DSLR camera to capture the beautiful scenery he would come across.

Once he arrived, Tal visited countries like Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and the soccer capital of the world, Bazil. 

Along the way, Tal took a captivating shot with his camera. This helped him document the places he’d been too and fun he’d experienced.

A New Beginning 

Once Tal got back from his trip to South America, he decided to his experience with the world. And what better place to do that than Instagram.

Tal’s photos where a significant hit on the platform, and this brought in a lot of attention from individuals and major brands.

Soon enough, mega brands contacted him to head their digital content creation campaigns and build strategies to help them scale on Instagram.

Tal understood the importance of self-improvement and branding, and this led him to join MCM entertainment- A digital marketing that helps several brands promote their content on Instagram. 

Under MCM, Tal was able to work with brands such as Durex, Sano, and Samsung. He put in a lot of work to make sure these brands got the amount of exposure they required.

Some time passed, and Tal decided to create his firm. He eventually did and offered a lot of services such as commercial ads, filmmaking, digital marketing, and content creation.

So far, Tyler’s firm has headed digital marketing campaigns for giants like Levi’s, Factory 54, G star, and Tommy. 

He’s achieved this level of success by staying true to his passion and consistently creating excellent content for his brand and brands he’s worked for

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