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Guide to Book Promotion on Social Media for Writers and Publishers



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Since the advent of social media marketing, advertising has undergone significant transformations. In keeping with the trend, modern authors promote themselves in very different ways than their predecessors did. Because they are marketing fiction and nonfiction books on different social media networks at the same time, they are better able to connect with their readers.

There have been campaigns that have done an excellent job of promoting their authors and their publications. However, this success is not shared by other social movements. The ability to differentiate yourself from the competition is a direct result of a well-executed social media marketing strategy.

It’s natural to want to know how to best promote your book on social media. You’ve already done your part by authoring the book. All these intricate details of book promotion sound like something your publishing staff should be taking care of, right? As for a response, NO is correct.

If you want a campaign that is consistent with the tone of your book and a plan for spreading the word via social media, you need to be just as hands-on as your publishing team. Especially as a self-published author, you are responsible for all social media promotion.

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The Importance of social media in Marketing Books

Some writers may be reluctant to use social media to promote their books at first. Most authors overlook book marketing and may benefit from training in social media book promotion. For example: “Do writers really need social media?”

These concerns are valid, but author marketing may be a powerful tool for making works feel more engaging or individual. The size of the captive audience can be greatly expanded through the use of social media marketing. We live in a digital age where a social media book promotion is practically required.

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How Writers Can Promote Their Books on the Internet

Persons today prefer to read works written by real people rather than those written under assumed names. They want to know what the authors look like, where they come from, and what made them write the book, among other things. Therefore, you need to be present on social media if you want to communicate with your audience.

To find out more about what authors should and should not do while promoting their books on social media, read this in-depth article. As an author, you may also benefit from the social media marketing advice we’re providing.

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1 – Hold a contest on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

More than 2.8 billion people will have used it by 2021. Make one right now if you haven’t already.

To show your Facebook followers how much you value their support, you may do something like this. One effective strategy is to give away a number of copies of your Book Writing Solution. Then, have them elaborate on their interest in the book. Following that, you’ll hand out free copies of the book to anybody you see fit. It’s effective since it piques readers’ interest in your work. In addition, it might increase traffic to your website.

To the same effect, I ask that you create a dedicated Instagram account for the book and promote it there as well as on your personal account. Instagram provides numerous options for advertising your company. Tags, live video, stories, comments, and connections can all be used. To that end, make the most of them.

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2- Create a content marketing strategy

Most authors believe that simply establishing fan pages and interacting with their audience is sufficient. It’s not good enough. With regular postings of high-quality promotional content, you can establish yourself as the one who initiates conversations.

Promoting articles is possible via online channels like blogs and social media sites. Creating a website and engaging with your audience could prove fruitful, but only if it results in more people purchasing and reading your book.

Communicating your brand’s values and whether or not they resonate with your audience’s is an excellent way to cement their loyalty and trust in your writing. Keep it brief and simple so that people can remember it.
If you do this, people will notice that your work is a literary piece and be more interested in reading it.

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3- customize your approach for each medium.

Is there an ideal method of using social media to market a book? It’s all about finding the optimal use for each. This means that more than one strategy for using Social Media Marketing to promote your business is possible. Since the types of users on each platform are distinct, the optimal material for each discussion board also varies.

Don’t feel like you have to share your work everywhere. Check to see if your posts need any adjustments for each social media platform. Among the most popular social media platforms today are TikTok and Instagram, two video sharing sites that cater to a younger demographic and excel at showcasing visual material. In other words, TikTok is a video sharing app.

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4-Free sample chapters attract readers.

Nonfiction authors that offer away free chapters of their work might better introduce their readers to the book’s major ideas and narrative arc. Social media marketing of fiction works can also benefit greatly from this strategy.

If you decide to give out a free chapter of your book, make sure to spread the word on social media. It would be helpful if you informed your readers that they may join up for your newsletter on your website in order to access the chapter. Put “tweet this” buttons in prominent places on your website so that readers can easily share excerpts and spread the word about your book on social media.

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5-Bolster your team by recruiting new members.

When we talk about “social media marketing,” we’re not simply talking about Facebook. However, you can filter it down to the most well-known ones. Aside from Facebook, there are also Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Make sure your interactions are consistent across all of the social media platforms you utilize, as some users may prefer one over another.

According to the latest data on social media usage, Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users per month, making it the most widely used website in the world. There are 1.5 billion monthly active users on YouTube, 800 million monthly active users on Instagram, and around 330 million monthly active users on Twitter.

8-Sharing data gathered from social media as supporting evidence

Using what’s known as “social proof,” you may persuade your target audience to share the same opinions and behaviors as those who are already fans of your product or service.

Testimonials and reviews help books since they provide a more in-depth look at the work. Whether they are Amazon reviews or comments from individuals you follow, capture them on your screen and publish them as content.

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7-Hashtags are here to stay.

A term preceded by a # has a lot of weight on Twitter, in case you didn’t know. With each view, your audience will learn more about your company and have the opportunity to engage with similar content.

It will show them how popular your book is online and how many people have complimented it.

In order to make this happen, Disney came up with the brilliant concept of donating $5 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation for every photo of Mickey Mouse posted across all social media platforms using the hashtag #ShareYourEars. This effort was widely covered by the media online, and as a result, it raised over $2 million.

All Hashtag and Ritetag are two excellent resources for researching hashtags and discovering new ones to use in your online marketing and communications.

8- Get advice from popular Internet personalities.

Those who are considered “internet influencers” have gained widespread recognition and a large online following. Involvement with these notables can help you secure their endorsement and sales of your book.

To identify new people to add to your list of influencers, try using Klear or Followerwonk. You can easily locate key opinion leaders in your industry or within your target audience. Using the aforementioned platforms, you can easily locate relevant influencers to aid in the promotion of your book across all major social media platforms.

9- Prepare your message

When implementing a Social Media Marketing strategy, scheduling posts is crucial. If you’re going to post something, make sure you pick the right moment to do it.

Finding the optimal times to publish your material is something you should always do. Once you’ve determined the optimal time to post to your social media accounts, create a schedule for yourself. Time of day considerations will become much clearer.

You need to make an effort to relate to the audience of your writing if you want them to find it engaging. The truth about the struggles of becoming a writer can help. You might think of it as a “behind the scenes” look at your life as a writer.


Q1: Why is social media important for promoting a book?

A1: social media is important for promoting a book because it allows you to reach a large, targeted audience quickly and easily. With billions of active users on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can reach a vast audience of potential readers and get your book in front of new eyes. Additionally, social media allows you to interact directly with your target audience and build relationships with them, which can help increase engagement and interest in your book.

Q2:What are some best practices for promoting a book on social media?

A2: Here are some best practices for promoting a book on social media:

  • Know your target audience: Understanding who your target audience is and where they are active on social media is key to creating an effective social media marketing campaign.
  • Create visually appealing content: Use eye-catching graphics and images to help your book stand out on social media.
  • Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages and participate in online conversations related to your book’s topic.
  • Use book-related hashtags: This will help your posts reach a wider audience.
  • Offer exclusive content and promotions: Consider offering exclusive content or promotions to your social media followers to incentivize them to engage with your posts.
  • Collaborate with other authors and industry influencers: This can help you reach a wider audience and get your book in front of new eyes.


Promoting your work on social media may be time-consuming and costly, so it’s in your best interest to discover the most efficient strategies. When using social media to promote your brand or business, it is essential to exercise the same caution and discretion you would in any other situation.

You’ll need all the assistance you can get when promoting your book on social media. Market your book on social media with the help of Writers Republic’s Book Launch Program or other social media marketing services.