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Home Office Ideas: Working From Home in Style



Home Office Ideas: Working From Home in Style

The global economy has made it possible for long-distance work to thrive. There are numerous companies who have never seen in person their workforce because they work from their home offices and don’t feel the need to meet their employers as they receive money via online payments. From the worker’s respective, thing seem to be ideal: no need to get up early in the morning, no commuting, and no fallouts with colleagues at the office. A home office offers so many possibilities for improving both work and personal life but only if its design enables you to succeed in both areas of life.

In practice, this means that the design should create a space separate from the homely atmosphere of the house. Otherwise, your children might wander into the shot while you’re skyping or you will be unable to focus on the tasks at hand from all the noise inside the house. A home office cannot become a home office unless it’s first designed as such. You don’t need professional help in this case, as there are numerous ideas that you can implement inside your house. They will provide you with comfort and style at the same time, so you will never feel as if not being in a proper office and you will take your job seriously.

Old and new

Perhaps the biggest concern people have with home offices is the fact that they will have to purchase an office chair for the sake of comfort and they worry whether the chair will fit in with other furniture. In some cases, even a new desk is necessary, complicating matters even further. There is no reason for concern, as old and new furniture can fit together quite well if you pay enough attention to what you are pairing up. For instance, a chair and a computer table go well with an old carpet that might have been stashed up in the attic for years. You need to stop trying to create a 100% percent working environment that will seem sterile in comparison to the rest of the house.  It is impossible to introduce a verbatim office as your colleagues have downtown, so an antique rug or a wall tapestry is a welcoming touch, reminding you that you’re still home.

A splash of color

Although you cannot create an entirely different space from the décor of your living room or the dining room, you have to make the home office appear different. The best solution for this is changing the color scheme in that given corner of your house. Uniformity is probably the trait of all the rooms, so the home office should give a somewhat wacky color palette, alternating between shades of pink and grey. Yes, there are no no-nos in terms of hues, as long as they differ significantly from the rest of the home. Even post-it notes count as a décor solution, so make the desk as colorful as possible. You can apply self-adhesive wallpapers around your home office space, to establish a vertical parameter.

Floor mats

Once you have taken care of vertical surfaces such as walls, it is time to turn your attention to floors. Down there should also exist some sort of differentiation from the rest of the house because a stately carpet your dining table is set on cannot stand under your work desk as well. The ideal solution for stylish home offices are floor mats but not the ones you place in front of the front door to the house or apartment. Mats suitable for a home office, as made by Mat Shop are usually made from rubber that is slip-resistant. This can come in handy if you carry out any manual labor and require firm grounding.  Furthermore, there are mats that are anti-fatigue which allow you to remain standing for an extended period of time. The best thing about all of these mats is the fact that they can be personalized by printing a logo or initials on their surface.

Plenty of natural light

Few people live in apartments or houses that provide them with endless home office décor opportunities. In reality, workers have to manage a small space in one corner of the living room, so making the home office appears bigger is a priority. This is best achieved by letting plenty of natural light shine into the office and create a well-lit working environment. In terms of design, this means large windows that are unobstructed by curtains and opened as frequently as possible to let fresh air inside as well. At night time, there should be an additional light source in the office, like a desk lamp.

An art exhibition

We have already discussed the best way to go about wall surfaces but other than painting them in a suitable color, there should be some other features. Pictures, wall art, and posters should adorn the wall you look at every day, so it will turn it into a canvas for any kind of art you decide to display. You can always take a centerfold from your favorite sports magazine, frame the picture you love so much, and buy a painting at a yard sale to put it on the wall of your home office. Not only will you be surrounded by artistic pieces but they will represent your preferences in art.

A green corner

You are probably well-aware how greenery inside the house has numerous health benefits. Some house plants should find their way into the home office as well, as a touch of green is ideal for work. Just a single plant next to the work surface can help you relax better and rest your eyes on the greenery. Not to mention the fact that you will have a source of oxygen right in front of you. The more fresh air your brain gets, the better it will function. Furthermore, you can create the office next to the window that has a view of the garden, further enhancing the beneficial effect of plant life.

In the end, you can always turn your home into an office and do so with style. Start gradually applying the decor solutions listed here to turn the home office into the most comfortable space inside your house.